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Warbringer – Weapons of Tomorrow (Review)

Artist: Warbringer
Album: Weapons of Tomorrow
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: USA (California)
Release Date: 24th of April, 2020
Released via Napalm Records
Cover Artwork © Napalm Records

Man, when I saw that video of Science of Thrash Episode 2 I was so amazed to hear this new masterpiece of Thrash Metal worthly reminding of Exodus, Kreator, Overkill and Slayer.

The vocalist John Kevill, now having been successful in his music for more than 15 years – almost iconic – has a remarkable empathy and can also put himself much deeper into people who walked this earth long before our time. In a conversation, he mentioned an indescribable feeling when he came across an ancestor with his last name and became mentally aware that he died on the battlefield of World War I exactly 100 years ago on that day – a human 100 years ago – in war – maybe closely related to him – amazingly epic and romantic thoughts! I also noticed a World War grave a few years ago – in my hometown Gelsenkirchen. The idea that an ancestor gave his life on the battlefield in the war of wars gives me an explosion of feelings – impressions and thoughts that can only be described in one way, Weapons of Tomorrow is exactly the(!) example of modern Thrash Metal that will show you how.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Warbringer have seen some ups and downs in the middle of the 2010s. The line-up in particular changed constantly and the stylistic development drifted away from the taste of the audience. But in 2016/2017 a lot changed and with the signing to Napalm Records John Kevill was able to deliver what he wanted to – original high quality Thrash Metal in the vein of an old school 80s sound and especially with Woe to the Vanquished they showed what Thrash Metal will be in the future that still holds us ready. Do you remember Mille (Kreator) standing on the stage, looking at you and just then the band literally exploded in front of your eyes? Believe me, you will get exactly that (and more!) with Weapons of Tomorrow.

The band around vocalist John Kevill, guitarists Adam Caroll and Chase Becker, bassist Jessie Sanchez and drummer Carlos Cruz have noticeably consolidated, are in tune and deliver modern Thrash Metal at its best. It covers a wide range of what this genre is today and thus makes itself very present. From hard riffs and melodies, nearly romantic passages to fast, chaotic and brutal metaphorical locations. These are underpinned by texts that show the cruelty, brutality and emotionality of human war-achievements of the past in form of a musical nuclear bomb. Fuck, I realize how Warbringer is steadily emerging as a pillar in the grounds of modern Thrash Metal. Check it out, such a record is already a long-running hit for your music playlist. Warbringer delivers the sound that will turn your daily car drive to work into a journey through a battlefield like you never had before!


9 / 10

Favorite Tracks:
“Firepower Kills” – from beginning to the end pure Thrash! That power feels so fresh!
“Glorious End” – really a glorious end, the technics, that power working perfectly with the lyrics and presents a worthy final for this diamond of finest US-Thrash Metal!

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