Haunted Plasma – I (Recommendation)

Haunted Plasma - I
Band:Haunted Plasma
Genre:Psychedelic Metal
Release Date:31st of May, 2024
Released viaSvart Records

I marks the inauguration of Haunted Plasma, one of the most interesting genre mixes you’ll hear this year. Fused together by uho Vanhanen (Oranssi Pazuzu, Grave Pleasures), Timo Kaukolampi (K-X-P, Op:l Bastards) and Tomi Leppänen (Circle, Aavikko, K-X-P), Haunted Plasma will leave you head scratching, nodding and shaking in various tempos and times.

There’s a lot to process on I. Just like being thrown into a “Cube” (the movie, which the cover reminds me of), you’ll stand still in awe, perplexed by the otherworldly structures you confront. “Reverse Engineer” is the song I’m writing about. This mixture of pulsating electronics, Metal-riffs and hypnosis reminds me in an awesome way of Genghis Tron, with less Cybergrind. “Spectral Embrace” would have been a great fit for the aforementioned Dream Weapon album in that regard.

Machines Like Us” and the epic closer “Haunted Plasma” have a more Industrial-tinged vibe. A ever-repeating drum paired with guitars that will mill-cut into your brain, until the only thing noticeable is the endless, red watery tunnel which never ends.

Haunted Plasma‘s I is a haunting and fascinating journey. This unique spin on Psychedelic Metal will have you thinking around corners and why this great synthesis of Genres doesn’t come along more often. Svart Records have dug up another gem that will surely please a lot of open minded metal-heads.

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