Experimental Rock, Psychedelic Rock

L’Orchidée Cosmique – Vision / SF12 (Recommendation)

Artist: L’Orchidée Cosmique
Album: Vision / SF12
Genre: Experimental, Psychedelic
Country: France
Release Date: 1st of March, 2020
Released via: Self-released

I am always amazed how much musical strength a single person can have. Last time I gave Lili Refrain my praise for being awesome with their one–woman–show. Whereas other musicians and bands need a bunch of people to produce something, she did it on her own. Now I should give this praise to L’Orchidée Cosmique.

Vision / SF12 is a single fifteen-minute-song that is described as “live born” on a single day at the end of January 2020. At first, it wasn’t planned to create this as one song, because its origins are from two separated audio tracks that got combined and arranged, creating one psychedelic block of a song.

After a relatively long beginning, until it switches step by step in the main part, beautiful riffs and a heavy bass in the background are always in your ears. And it’s not a monotone song, either. Playful parts and different variations of all the ideas you can hear through this fifteen minutes are always given. After a few listens, I always discover a new little twist that makes this song more fascinating and lovely.

The combination of different music genres is interesting too: sometimes you hear a clear oriental-style riff combined with a hard bass, then it’s more psychedelic, sometimes more monotone (in a positive way) until a new variation breaks out of the past „monotone“ seconds. Sometimes it sounds like an old transistor radio, where you have to search for a good channel until you find it with its clear music.

I can only recommend to give this type of musicians a chance, lend them your ears for the minutes they give you.

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