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High Castle Teleorkestra – The Egg That Never Opened (Recommendation)

High Castle Teleorkestra
Bands:High Castle Teleorkestra
Release:The Egg That Never Opened
Genre:WTF I’m Listening to?
Release Date:17th of June, 2022
Released viaArt as Catharsis
Cover ArtworkArt as Catharsis

Alright… I asked Roman and Thomas if they had something special for me. You know, sometimes there is this need to listen to something completely different. I don’t mean that I want to listen to something from another genre or so, but something extraordinary, something I have not listened before. After nearly 30+ years of listening to lots of different stuff, good music and bad music it is not that easy to surprise me, but sometimes there are these special things. I’m speaking of bands like Igorrr, Angizia, Groove Therapist, The Dresden Dolls, Devin Townsend and all the other artist that go other ways.

The High Castle Teleorkestra is a real challenge. They are mixing East European Folk and Klezmer elements with Jazz and Orchestral Parts. Think of tracks sounding a little like a feel-good 60s TV-show theme, a game show or even a Western, think of sax-solos, accordions, strange-sounding tempo and time shifts. Each time you start feeling comfortable, there is a new element in a song, something you have not heard before, an instrument, some kind of sample, or even just a noise that suddenly makes you feel uncomfortable, or something from a space series.

This is no Metal album. You can find some distorted guitars in there as well, but they are just one of maybe two dozens of instruments and varieties of them. If you are interested in music in general and open to all the different ways music is able to go, please go for it. Take a seat, some time and give this album a chance.

It’s not easy to listen to but you can find so many interesting sounds, stuff, chaos and, in my opinion, love for music itself.

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