Lamb of God – S/T (Review)

Band: Lamb of God
Album: Lamb of God
Genre: Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: 19th of June, 2020
Released via Epic Records (Sony Music)
Cover Artwork: © Epic Records

It is time again and Lamb of God serve us new music after 30(!) years of succesfull ear pounding soundsettings.

What a career, Lamb of God is now one of the 50 most important Metal bands of our time (Loudwire) and shows absolutely no signs of aging. These guys were never easy to sort into just one drawer and surely in 2020 they will show us again how they stand their line in actual times when metal is changing faster than never before.

Just to say – I’m fucking surprised. Lamb of God is the mostly Lamb of God-like sounding album of the last years. That high quality production, all their experiences created a really astonishing fresh sounding album that occasionally forces your neck muscles to loosen and take some good swings. Lamb of God already showed us some impressions of their creative world with the “New Colossal Hate” – lyric video and Mark Morton told us in his interview about this track that they are far from the end, but rather start to really crank it up!

On “New Colossal Hate,” vocalist Randy Blythe serves a repetroire of his unique shoutings and growls that sound so incomparable and powerful, that I just can’t believe Lamb of God has been active for so long and did so during a period of time that fits into my entire lifetime.

Drummer Art Cruz is technically perfect and adds his precise and intense play with the melodic guitarists Willie Adler, Mark Morton and their grooving bassist John Campbell to an exploding soundset, that punched me out of my seat and made me scream out my new colossal hate 😉

From beginning to end this track is so solid and rousing, it’s already running up an down my Youtube-playlist. The intro is exciting, Randy sets in and my ears are exploding. The rhythm changes totally sweep me away and this constantly changing rythm game between the musicians gets me. he chorus is just fantastic! It’s great how Art Cruz was able to develop after his time with “Prong”, but still so well.

After listening to “Checkmate” they really got me. That catching intro sounds so psychedelic before Art , Willie, Mark and John directly smash through the wall.
When Randy starts to growl, the bundle is immediately perfect and the chorus just sounds so good with all instruments. simply clean fresh pure groove and yet very explosive without letting a bit of boredom occur. Lamb of God are really always present and show true perfection of their art. respect!

“Routes” is something different, it continues very atmospherically and melodic here.Randy brings us together with Chuck Billy (Testament) – an always forgotten and yet always present topic of the suppression of indigenous people. They share their experiences with us about peoples who populated our earth long before this
modern times and especially remember who we are and where we should go in this song. From an artistic and impressionist point of view, this is a great topic and a great implementation, especially in connection with Metal and the echoing voice of Chuck Billy, this piece of music is a hit and can be listened to again and again. A strong collab and a completely successful production!

All in all, “Lamb of God” is able to prove themselves skillful in today’s world and shows that there is hardly any competition in their very special genre and this album will show you why that is a good thing. With the decouplings, this band stands up well and promises a modern and solid Groove Metal / Metalcore, as well as a masterpiece with some Thrash influences that shows no trace or even
a hint of dust on the circuit board. GO ON!


9 / 10

Favorite Tracks:

“New Colossal Hate” – Power, great rhythm changes, catchy riffs, just delicious!

“Checkmate” – Pounding, smashing, groovy. Love their American style and power!

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