Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Metal, Thrash Metal

Ormskrik – Ormskrik (Recommendation)

Artist: Ormskrik
Album: Ormskrik
Genre: Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal
Country: Norway
Release Date: 5th of June 2020
Released via Fysisk Format
Cover Artwork © Fysisk Format, 2020

Men are lazy creatures, if there is any chance that things can be combined to save a little time, they do so. A perfect example for this are beauty products for your hair. Women have conditioner, a shampoo for every hair colour and countless other lotions to make it more beautiful. Men on the other hand are looking for those “100 in 1 – Products“: hair, body, face, kitchen, car etc.

Ormskrik are a band that combines genres that are neighbours and haven’t had the time to do something together: a lot of Thrash Metal, a little bit Black Metal and a good dose of Meath metal.

If Ormskrik were a beauty-product, they would be peeling: blistering blast beats, low-end vocals and shredding guitars cleanse all dirt that lame music left on your ears.

This record is gnarly fun. You listen to the songs and immediately some part of your body will show a reaction: may it be the head that starts to bang, the fists that aim at the sky or the fingers that play an awesome solo on an air-guitar.

This record offers a little bit for everyone who likes his guitars distorted and the vocals indecipherable, so do yourself a favor and take your time for this scorching Scandinavian slap of Metal.

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