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Dun Ringill – Library Of Death (Review)

Artist: Dun Ringill
Album: Library Of Death
Genre: Doom Rock/Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 31st of July, 2020
Released via Argonauta Records
Cover Artwork © Argonauta Records

“Library of Death” is the second record of Dun Ringill, a Swedish band, started by members of The Order of Israfel, Doomdogs and others. The band’s sound can be described as somewhere between Heavy Metal and Doom Rock, flavoured with some Nordic Folk elements. Like Candlemass with some special ingredients. Seven songs can be found on the new record with a playtime of roundabout 40 minutes.

My first hear-through was while playing some video-games. I do that on purpose, to have a look if there is a song, a part or something that catches my attention. To be honest, “Library Of Death” didn’t have a THAT moment or THAT song. But on my second and third hear-through you start to find all the small details and the love in the arrangements, but they seem to be a little hidden in the bigger picture, behind the powerful guitar sound, and the drums. Once you’ve found them, though, these details are responsible for you to stay, and that you will try to find more details. First of all, I like the vocals of Tomas Eriksson. He has a powerful and versatile voice. As you can think of, when you read the title, the album isn’t full of happy music, but the band found the right way, not just to be melancholic, but also be dignified.

“Dance of the Necromancer” (#4) is my first explicit favourite. The first time I heard the trumpets to give the peaks another sound, I was really surprised, but they fit perfectly, and then there is a flute-solo and for a moment you think of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson playing some real doomy stuff. “NBK” is a hard rocking song, you never expected this at that point of the album. However, it opens up some kind of welcome break-up in my opinion. And damn, it’s a good rocking track. I like this one too. “Reverend Of The Many Faces” even comes along with an professional opera singer, who gives another very special vibe to the track, and makes it a real epic last track of a real good album.



Favourite Tracks:
“Dance of the Necromancer”
“Library of Death”

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