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Dead Tree Seeds – Push the Button (Review)

Band: Dead Tree Seeds
Album: Push the Button
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: France
Release Date: 3rd of July, 2020
Released via Music-Records
Cover Artwork: © Music-Records

Attention, for all those guys who were born in the early 90’s and missed these high times of 80’s Thrash that older dudes of the scene are telling you about drunk in a bar, but you could only mention it from old vinyl.

Dead Tree Seeds will perfectly show you all the good vibes and facettes from the good old times of Metallica, Slayer, Exodus and Testament with their album Push the Button in such a fresh way that I believe even some old school thrashers cannot listen to this record without some nice headbanging moments that hit you right in the nostalgia corner and that’s what we love!

The band around vocalist Frank “Vortex”, guitarists Aurelien and Francois, bassist Sidi and drummer Alex present you a classic thrashy album combined with some nice growls of Frank that will capture your attention and automatically bring your neck-muscles in the right position to start a decent rush of some nice headbangs!

Fangs of the White Wolf” got me from the first second on and sounds like a perfect
thrash song that schouldn’t be missed on a beer elimination contest. The kicking beginning with the guitars and the drums, that glorious shout directly hooked my ears to what comes next, groovy thrashy parts that take no speed out of the song until a short solo speeds it even more up. The amazing shouts of Frank make the whole song melodic but with that technical madness of the other band members it sounds so beautifully thrashy and it is rousing as well as it is entertaining. Damn, good old Exodus-vibrations in here!

Thru God for Vengance” is another little diamond that hits my mark and that shouting techniques with that final growl of vocalist Frank in the chorus grips me so hard, it’s already in my longtime playlist! Love that shreddy riffing of Aurelien and Francois together with that punding hard drumming of Alex and the lyrics of Frank are just an amazing play! Good job!

Push the Button” has that really nice intro again, I just love to hear that in thrash songs. Holding this tempo through one half of the album shows me that Dead Tree Seeds are true thrashers and that it’s much worthier to hear different, lesser known bands, than actually dominating bands in the thrash scene. This is the last explosive track until the 2 minutes of “The Way to Eternity” slow me down for the first time and give me air to breath. Nice, but unnecessary in my opinion.

Finally, “Abjection” thrusts me back into the right corner and ties me to an electric
chair that gives me the same impacts that only Slayer could do to me when I was younger: shreddy, fast riffs, aggressive hard drumming and a voice shouting directly in your head forming this track to a hot fat exploding rumpsteak and a delicious bloody meal a the same (BBQ-)time!

On “Enemies of Rome,” I felt that the grooves really go through your nerves, especially that drumming of Alex in the mid-part was extremely memorable, well done! I wish more of this shit in future! Please! I have to admit, from this point on, many will start to find this record monotonous, but the energy of Dead Tree Seeds continues to captivate my full attention and at the end of the song you will be rewarded with a grandiose outro by the two guitarists that goes down really well into your stomach. Yummy!

Wailing Wall” is a typical thrash song you can pick in a continuous loop and you will
see, this song has the same speed in the beginnig as in the end, a perfect fit!
Truly the message that they don’t loose their power. No, they never loose their energetic character and that’s exactly what I also associate with the good old thrash of the 80’s, this new irrepressible energy that does not want to stop beating you until you are numb to anything. That’s the real good thrash.

Well, Dead Tree Seeds from Paris, France will now say “au revoir” with the high-energy song “Shotdead” and give us everything left so that every plate is really eaten after this delicious thrash feast. The last third also shows a very long zoogenic death-heavy side that works dramatically towards the end and brings us down from the trip that this album gave us.


8 / 10

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