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Förfallet – Förfallet (Recommendation)

Artist: Förfallet
Album: Förfallet
Genre: Black-Metal
Country: Sweden
Release date: 11th of May, 2020
Released via: Self released
Cover Artwork © Förfallet

Corona is still here and we don’t know for how long. It is not the feeling before sunrise, when you know that the darkness will soon be over, it is the lurking feeling of not knowing if times get even darker and bleaker than before.

God (or whatever you want to call it/her/him) bless for bands like Förfallet for providing the perfect soundtrack. Their self-titled debut is a black monolith in these troubled times. Brooding with atmosphere and a nice production (I’m not into the „trve“ basement sound) this record makes 30 minutes as unpleasant as you could wish. Don‘t expect them to lift your spirits, Förfallet may be tender at times, but ultimately this music is monochrome and not your summer color scheme.

Förfallet works best when listened to in one setting. From the first notes of „Hällregn“ to the last chords of „Allt, ett töcken“, Förfallet create an unsettling feeling that lasts the whole record through. In Northern Europe, things seems to be less optimistic than here.

If you are into Black Metal that accompanies this dreary and dismal time, support this band and get yourself that great 30 minutes of Förfallet.

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