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Cross Bringer – The Signs of Spiritual Delusion (Recommendation)

Band: Cross Bringer
Album: The Signs of Spiritual Delusion
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Russia
Release Date: 19th of September, 2020
Released via: Consouling Sounds
Cover Artwork: © Consouling Sounds, 2020

Sometimes artwork is the key when it comes to Metal releases. An appropriate / iconic artwork can lift a release to another level. Tool, The Ocean or Deafheaven are bands, that come to my mind, when thinking about awesome artwork or art direction. There were times when the artwork spawned the first urge to buy a record. Masters of that discipline back in the days were the good old Cannibal Corpse releases. You saw the cover and knew „This will piss a lot of people off and it will be awesome!“.

The Signs of Spiritual Delusion is another example for this. Once I looked at the cover I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. It sets the tone of this record perfectly in mind. The woman on the cover has been through a lot, battle-worn but still standing and not willing to give up. This whole image screams „Perseverance“.

Swinging back and forth between short Black Metal outbursts („Battle of the Weak“ or „Temptation of Naivety“) and epic, sometimes epics like „Supplication – Sacrament“ and „Torture Incantation“ (which is positively reminiscent of Wiegedood).

The production is sharp and not too flat which sometimes is a problem when it comes to Black Metal releases. It is not too polished, which suits the abrasiveness and atmosphere of this record.

The Signs of Spiritual Delusion is a damn good EP and another good find for Consouling Sounds. I am convinced that Cross Bringer will shatter stages around the globe once this is possible again. In the meantime, everyone should enjoy this release and meditate over this excellent album cover.

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