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Fuck the Facts – Pleine Noirceur (Review)

Band: Fuck the Facts
Album:Pleine Noirceur
Release Date:20th of November, 2020
Released viaNoise Salvation
Cover Artwork ©Fuck the Facts, 2020

Fuck the Facts released their new record Pleine Noirceur. The cover gives us a pretty bleak impression with a washed-out monocrome photo of a woman with a flower bouquet in front of a mirror. But what is hidden behind it and is it as bleak as this first impression?

The opener track conveys the feeling the cover promised, as it’s a bit slow and melancolic but followed up by more tempo and in your face grind afterwards, which is rough, shreddy and mixed in with some nice and harmonic guitars that carry the slightly sad mood. The record comes along with typically screamed grind vocals that are on point and convey aggression and sorrow. The sound is switching between these two extremes. On one hand you get a slow and kind of tragic sound followed up by hard-hitting, shredding Grindcore. At some points, this comes to a complete stop and changes to peaceful guitar play just to turn back into the aforementioned melancholy that goes back into full Grindcore mode.

These changes in speed take you through the whole album, which creates an incredible atmosphere throughout the playtime that is kind of hypnotic and is easy to get lost in. Overall, it’s a nice ride between tragedy, pain and aggression that leaves you satisfied with a slight aftertaste of sadness. That get’s strong.

8 / 10

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