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High Command – Everlasting Torment (Recommendation)

Band: High Command
Album:Everlasting Torment
Genre:Thrash Metal / Crossover
Release Date:4th of December, 2020
Released viaSouthern Lord Recordings
Cover Artwork ©Southern Lord Recordings, 2020

Thrash-Metal and Crossover have been experiencing their personal renaissance for a few years now. In the underground it is bubbling up with bands such as Lowest Creature, Inhuman Nature, Enforced and High Command. Already with their first EP The Primordial Void, the US Thrashers could convince me. After a strong first album, High Command are now back from the Corona pandemic with Everlasting Torment. The quintet has two songs in their luggage.

The title song picks up speed immediately after an apocalyptic intro. The first thing you notice is the very clear production. But before you know it, you are already mowed down by thick riffs. The drums thunder along and the distinctive voice of Kevin Fitzgerald rounds everything off perfectly. Already in the past, High Command has managed to write riffs that invite you to headbang and mosh. This skill will be proved again. Every now and then slight Slayer influences flash through, which gives the song an exaggerated hardness. At the end of the song you get a juicy solo around the ears. If you don’t shake your hair for that you can’t help it.

“The Infernal March / Sword of Wisdom” starts similar to the first song with a very dark intro. Drums and guitars put you directly into the battle. Ready for war! Similar to the predecessor, this song picks up speed and whips you along. At the latest, you should have neck pain from headbanging here. The skillful tempo changes and the rocking 80’s solo builds up tension. Here, High Command present themselves from their groovy side. Towards the end, the swords are drawn for a last mosh part. The quintet proves that they can write longer songs without getting boring. After all, this track lasts six minutes! As already on Beyond the Wall of Desolation, the band can convince all along the line. You get two very strong songs presented here, which really make you feel good. The Punk elements are not included, but the Metal influences are to the point. Who are Slayer and Exodus again? One can only hope that High Command will conquer Europe soon. Fatality, flawless victory!

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