Hardcore, Punk

Lhuma – Springer (Recommendation)

Country:Germany (Dresden)
Release Date:31st of March, 2021
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Lhuma

Urgency is a word often used at the moment. Things have to be done fast, cause time is ticking and you have to get stuff done. Restlessness is another modern plague that hunts us a lot. This new EP by German Hardcore outfit Lhuma combines both of this. Fast-paced drums, a singer on the brink and riffs that sometimes change quicker than a heartbeat.

Springer was birthed out of a live-session right before the lockdown in Germany last year. Although the songs may be about doubt and resignation, you can tell that those feelings don’t come to mind when listening to this exciting EP.

When listening to Springer you get the impression of a wide-eyed young man screaming at everyone around him because he has something to tell them. “Die Welt ist verbrannt, alle sind tot und wir sind schuld!” (The world is burnt, everyone is dead and we are guilty), those words end Springer. Be sure, that it isn’t your fault, when you overlook this promising young band.

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