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Sadic – Blood Splattered Bride (Recommendation)

Album:Blood Splattered Bride (EP)
Genre:Thrash Metal
Release Date:24th December, 2020
Released viaSelf-Released
Cover Artwork ©Miguel Álvarez

Sadic surprised me with their new self-released EP Blood Splattered Bride and they jumped immediately into my Thrash -longplayer list. Those guys from Panama stroke perfectly with their fresh-sounding allround Thrash package and eventually this EP does so very well… making hungry for much more!

If this band wanted to reflect their sound in the same aspect as the same-titled movie from 1972, then they did it perfectly! That dreamy surreal and a bit horrific soundscape in their intense, shreddy build-up of tensions and basically the melodic riffs are really catchy!

The first of two tracks “Blood Splattered Bride” of their EP directly starts grooving and gives me good old Slayer vibes. Honestly, Rafael’s voice contributes a lot to that feeling (I love it!). While listening, I feel many similarities in their vibes pointing at Annihilator, but I was thinking of Forbidden even more. Anyhow, their sound is very familiar to 80’s Thrash yet still modern and fresh . The groove, the breaks, that shreddy intense riffing, the vocalist’s voice competing with both of the guitarists is amazing and the changeable atmosphere sounds fantastic! The vocals are clean and clearly invite to sing (and shout) along the whole EP.

That solo on “Caustic Sealed Container” is surely memorable and just gets under your skin! Even the transition to that solo at the end of the midpart is truly memorable! I couldn’t believe that there’s no label behind that band. When I listened to the EP for first time, I was absolutely sure it was coming from a big label. It clearly turns out that the professionality of this band is on a high level and this EP shows that those guys from Panama are ready for some more!

Sadly, to actual times there’s no chance of seeing them live. But I hope for us all in the future that the day will come and surely nobody will regret to see this powerful band on stage for some more fast, shreddy and melodic Thrash!

High quality New Wave Thrash with an interesting theme… and their convincing presentation, -let us hope for maybe an upcoming new album from Panama!

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  1. Sadic

    Good afternoon Mr. Tawan; for sure, we were not expecting this review; and, from all places, Germany. This is a fair example of the paramounts of the reaching distances of social media. Anyway, we are truly glad that it got to your ears, and very honored and humbled by your generous, positive review of our work. I believe this is our first review ever, and, receiving this type of feedback pushes us forward to work even harder and more self critically. Thrash metal has become as expanding black hole were there are just too many bands being sucked into obscurity; so, for us to find light in you kind words, has been a triumph in our journey. We have being together since 2012, making music, and being unable to record anything until now. Our plan is to release an 8 song debut sometime this year; music tracks have been recorded; vocals and production are missing. If Covid permits it, we will be honored to send you a full length copy. Once again, thank you very much for taking time to hear us, and, specially, to write about us.

    With great respect,


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