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Final Form – Demo MMXXI (Recommendation)

Band:Final Form
Album:Demo MMXXI
Genre:Crossover Hardcore
Country:United Kingdom
Release Date:29th of March, 2021
Released viaThe Coming Strife Records
Cover Artwork ©Final Form

I’ve been following the British label The Coming Strife Records for quite a while now, due to their increasingly strong roster. One of their latest releases was a demo tape of a crossover Hardcore band from England that I didn’t know yet and that somehow got me hooked because of its cool artwork and outlook. After a short time of listening to it, I was convinced by the sound that comes with it and I listened to it for several times. It’s about the first output of Final Form, who not only come up with a great production when taking into consideration that this is a demo, but above all present really good music with their crunchy, catchy Thrash Metal/Hardcore hybrid. Fans of current genre representatives such as for example High Command, Inhuman Nature or Red Death, should therefore definitely deal with this record too and not sleep on this heavy stuff, even if it goes a little more in the Hardcore direction.

Already after a few notes it becomes clear that the sound of Final Form does not correspond to that of a usual demo and in addition to a very strong production also comes up with quite interesting instrumentals and exciting song structures and is thus really capable of a lot for a first record. Be it from the poisonous sounding vocals, which besides scratchy roars can score especially with their “uuurghs” and “woaaaahs” and therefore set the usual Thrash Metal accents, over swirling drumming with good beat and tempo changes, to nasty metallic Hardcore riffing. Here, everything fits together excellently and delivers an overall product that you can quickly make friends with. In the course of the demo it shows that the change from headbang-heavy midtempo parts and moshy downtempo can still ignite, although it has already been demonstrated by several bands before.

Especially noticeable are the groovy drums with their distinctive cymbals and striking snare drum which, in combination with some remarkable squeaky Metal elements of the guitar, give Final Form its individuality. In general, you can just praise what the riffing puts together throughout, because due to a bunch of catchy Thrash Metal elements and distinctive melodies, a lot gets stuck here quickly. Again and again you are literally pushed forward with aggressive passages, only to be beaten back down to earth with intense throttling. The breaks know what it takes to pick up the listener completely and are hitting straight in your face. Through the massive sound, the mix of filthy Thrash and heavy Hardcore really comes into its own and can unfold from beginning to the end with its angry tunes.

So it’s no suprise that it doesn’t take long and you have internalized the first parts, whether stomp or mosh, which definitely speaks for a successful songwriting that I didn’t expect in this good quality on a demo and sets the bar high for upcoming releases. In itself, the release sounds quite oldschool tinny and not too clean at all and thus has an authentic and not at all imposed effect. So you can be sure to get the dirty vibes you want to hear from a new band out of this dust-raising genre.

The demo was officially released on March 29, although in physical form it has so far been released exclusively as a tape via The Coming Strife Records, as already mentioned at the beginning. Due to the good quality Final Form have delivered here, it’s not a big surprise that the cassette has been sold out relatively quickly. Whether a 2nd edition or other formats will follow remains to be seen, but would be more than justified in any case, because the demo is truly spectacular and convinces from front to back. It also shows some incredibly good sound for a first record, which is already burned into the mind after a few runs and with its nasty mosh Metal vibe is not just catchy but also really long-lasting for a band’s debut. So it’s fact that Final Form have fully hit, at least with me, and I’m very curious what we get to hear from the Brits in the foreseeable future and, if the chance comes, how the band will perform live.

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