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Night Crowned – Hädanfärd (Recommendation)

Band: Night Crowned
Album: Hädanfärd
Genre: Melodic-Death-Metal
Country: Sweden
Release Date: 9th of July, 2021
Released via Noble Demon Records
Cover Artwork © Noble Demon Records

Night Crowned‘s last album Impius Viam was a pleasant surprise in 2020. To be honest, I didn’t know any of the other bands the band member were / are in, all I knew was that this was a very good melodic Death Metal album. A lot of hooks and very often spun (digitally) in my playlists.

Only one year later Night Crowned release their next album Hädanfärd. One could think that this album might be some left-overs from the last session, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The first single released, “Nattkrönt“, is such an excellent song. Those clean vocals give the song almost an anthemic character. I can already say that it will surely be within the Top 10 Songs of my year-end-list. The next song „Rex Tenebrae“ also makes use of those anthemic clean vocals.

Hädanfärd is completely sung in Swedish, the mother-tongue of the band. Just like Amenra did with De Doorn, it just gives the album an entirely different vibe. The vocals work like another instrument, which serves the album very well.

This album is highly recommended. If you liked the first album, then this album will surely blow you away. The production is better, the songs are more epic and this album will surely please anyone who is looking for melodic, blackened Death-Metal.

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