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Apparition – Feel (Recommendation)

Band: Apparition
Album: Feel
Genre: Death Metal
Country: USA
Release Date: 22nd of October, 2021
Released via Profound Lore
Cover Artwork © Profound Lore

When I first saw the cover of Feel, I felt instantly reminded of Alien (the movie). In my view the cover resembles a Facehugger from the aforementioned movie. For those of you living under a rock, a Facehugger plants an Alien embryo into your chest which some time later bursts out of your chest.

Horror and Death Metal have always been a more than perfect match. Brutal content, brutal delivery. Apparition is no difference. Deeply rooted in Old School Death Metal, the band takes hold of your face and just rips it off your skull.

After their 2020-released Granular Transformation 7″ Feel is the debut album of Apparition and they made sure that the aural assault will leave a mark in year ears and on your Metal-End of the Year-Lists.

Songs like “Unequilibrium” or the groovy “Drowning in the Stream of Consciousness” are as unsettling as they are heavy. Apparition mix up their relentless beating Death Metal with some occasional Doom elements (“Nonlocality” or the album-closer “Feel“) which keeps the album from being just a “normal” pummeling from start to finish (which can be OK but tiring sometimes).

Producer Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues and God’s Hate) made sure that they sound as nasty and swampy as they should. If you don’t know his previous work as a producer and musician, close this gap in your knowledge ASAP.

Feel is a crushing debut, simple as that.

Listen to it, get mangled and do it again.

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