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Entropic Awakening – Epilogue (Recommendation)

Band: Entropic Awakening
Album: Epilogue
Genre: Death- / Black-Metal
Country: Norway
Release Date: 29th of October, 2021
Released via Self-released
Cover Artwork © Self-released

If the global pandemic was good for one thing, it is the spawning of one-man-projects. People can’t get outside or meet with friends, so what do they do? Create art about end-times or other dark scenarios. Entropic Awakening is one of those aforementioned one-man-projects hailing from Norway. I am always astounded how one person (in this case Delirium) can create such an ambitious work of art. The only help came from the singer Likelse who brought the lyrical visions to life.

Epilogue tells fictional stories about unlucky witnesses of ancient events (see the Bandcamp description). This is a quite cool approach since it fits the atmosphere and music: a wild mix of Black- and Death-Metal.

Starting with “Covenant of the Condemned” and ending with “Shattering the Sphere of Accordance“, the album is framed by two epic Black-Metal songs. Any fan of modern Black Metal acts like Downfall of Gaia will surely feel at home and enjoy them a lot.

The songs in-between those black pillars range from fast Death-Metal (“Myruzo, Expunger of Pride“) to slow, brooding songs like “From Where Nightmares Emerge“. But all songs have in common that they sound like Entropic Awakening is firmly rooted in these genres.

Entropic Awakening succeeds in writing captivating, hard-hitting, atmospheric songs, which surely depict those gruel ancient times perfectly. Anyone with only a slight knack for dark, heavy music should definitely give this album a spin.

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