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Voices – Breaking the Trauma Bond (Recommendation)

Band: Voices
Album: Breaking the Trauma Bond
Genre: Black-Metal, Metal, Rock
Country: UK
Release Date: 26th of November, 2021
Released via: Church Road Records
Cover Artwork: © Church Road Records

Breaking the Trauma Bond is the fourth album by the London beyond everything band Voices and their debut on Church Road Records (who did an excellent job in releasing this great record a few months ago).

While listening to this record, there were a lot of “Where did that come from”-moments. A song can begin like an early 2000s Metalcore song, get right in a Black Metal part, moving on to a very dramatically with clean-sung part and end with thrashing blast beats. The song is “An Audience of Mannequins” and it is a great example for how this record works.

You can never be sure, where a song will take you. Another prime example is “Kaleidoscope of Thorns“. The first half could be a well fit on any HIM album: “There is Death soaked in my Veins” while a nice piano melody is playing along. Right in the middle, the songs explodes: the piano is gone, harsh riffs and shouting take over.

The 10 minute closing couple of “She Speaks To Him in a Dream” and “Photograph of a Storm Passing Overhead” releases the listener after round about 69 minutes. “She speaks to him in a Dream” is a soothing piano ballad that blends into the album closer. “Photograph of a Storm Passing Overhead” shows once again the creative potential of this band, every attempt to categorize this album or song will fail because of the ever-changing musical influences and styles Voices present you.

Breaking the Trauma Bond is another great release on Church Road Records. This record is a shape shifting musical about the night, that’s what I would call it. There is drama, there is melody and there is a lot of Metal in various forms and tempos. Take your time, listen to Voices, it’ll be worth it.

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