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Miami Death II – Erfahrung Macht Krank (Recommendation)

Band:Miami Death II
Album:Erfahrung Macht Krank
Genre:Powerviolence / Hardcore
Release Date:17th of December, 2021
Released viaLower Class Kids Records
Cover Artwork ©Miami Death II, 2021

Any time a person currently talks about a “damn nasty sound” the listener is urged to think about an Old School Death Metal release with nasty riffs. What happened to the term nasty? Why is it only linked to OSDM? Well, Miami Death II definitely are in charge to show you that nasty is not only a term that can be located in the Death Metal spheres, because whatever this band delivers surely can be called nasty as fuck.

Miami Death II is a Powerviolence unit from Leipzig, Germany, serving you the finest underground shit you can think of. Before this release, you were already able to torture your ears with their previous and self-titled release. When diving into Erfahrung Macht Krank [Experience makes you sick] it doesn’t even take a few seconds to come to the conclusion – daaamn that sound is nasty.

The first track “Todfeind” kicks off instantly showcasing you the extremely lo-fi production of the release almost bathing in the style of early Powerviolence and Raw Punk, playing pingpong with both of those styles on this track alone. The fact that these guys don’t give a damn about any scene boundaries can already be derived from Erfahrung Macht Krank bringing you tracks that are sometimes written in German and sometimes written in English. Choosing a language? Why should we? Just go ahead and blast your ass off.

On the following tracks, especially the lo-fi production is damn striking. With several elements in the production occasionally shooting into overdrive because of high volume, maximum energy is delivered throughout the entire EP. This style of production, reeking of feedback, overdrive and rehearsal quality is what you want your Powerviolence release to sound like. It’s of course a difficult task to come up with well-produced PV releases, but living in times when even a homestudio is capable of capturing that sound you can most preferably conquer my heart with a sound you find on Erfahrung Macht Krank.

Apart from that, though, especially the vocals are striking as well. Ranging from Hardcore Punk over Raw Punk, Grindcore and classy Spazz Powerviolence vocals, any style is represented on this release. The drums take the most importalt role when setting the cornerstone to differentiate what style is going to be conveyed in which sequence.

Just wait for more substance defining ‘the nasty’ when Miami Death II come back with future releases. While waiting, make sure to learn any track on this release by heart so as to be able to show presence as soon as the first live gigs are going to take place again.

As usual for Lower Class Kids Records, Erfahrung Macht Krank was released both on regular and limited to 75 tapes as well as hand dyed red/white/metallic purple and limited to 25 tapes. Both of those versions also come with an Obi Strip on the risoprinted cover. It goes without saying that the hand dyed version once again looks absolutely astonishing. Lower Class Kids Records manage to progress with the dying on their tapes, constantly bringing you new and innovative styles of colors. Sorry to say hat the dyed version is sold-out already, the regular one is still available though. If you plan to get a LCKR dyed tape, make sure to eagerly wait for the preorder to start and just order the shit out of it once you can do so.

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