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Sum of R – Lahbryce (Video Premiere | Review)

Transcended Music Blog is proud to present you the new video of Sum of R‘s single “Lust“, taken from the upcoming album Lahbryce. Lahbryce will be released on March 25th via Consouling Sounds.

Lust” is a 9 minute trip into the depth and darkness of yourself. Accompanied by kaleidoscope-sequences of blooming flowers this video provides the perfect screensaver for your mind.

(WARNING: Flashing lights appear in the video)

Band: Sum of R
Album: Lahbryce
Genre: Doom-Metal, Sludge
Country: Finland, Switzerland
Release Date: 25th of March 2022
Released via: Consouling Sounds
Cover Artwork: © Consouling Sounds

The first association I had, when I heard the band-name Sum of R was the almighty Sludge institution Amenra. In my head, the letter “R” respectively the sound of is occupied by them. But make no mistake to take them as a sound-a-like. Sum of R are a very different beast.

We had the chance to listen to Sum of R‘s new album Lahbryce before its release on March 25th and it is astounding in a lot of ways: aesthetics, atmosphere and sound. The first contact with an album is always the cover-art. In front of a red background, wine and bread are positioned. Although it looks like a classic, calm “Stillleben” (still life) as we say in Germany, but in fact, it is slightly unsettling.

© Jeroen Mylle

The wine
Two glasses, one is nearly empty, while the other one is unfinished. Wine is for me a drink of taste, something special, not just a thing to get hammered with. Surely, Sum of R are heavy, but they are not heavy for the sake of being heavy. They are heavy, because it helps the atmosphere and the flow of the record.

The bread
A piece is torn off, clearly not cut. Although having gentle moments, this album is definitely a Sludge / Doom-Metal album. The guitars are rough around the edges and the production adds so much to the massive sound of this record.

The color red
The color red is seemingly always combined with either danger or love. Those diametral elements can also be applied to the sound of Sum of R. On the one hand there are those almost tranquil guitar motives that repeat over and over and on the other hand there are these extreme outbursts combined with the haunting growls and screams of singer Marko Neumann.

Lahbryce is a very good start to the musical year 2022. Make sure you catch them on this year’s iteration of Roadburn and experience this album in full.

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