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Chalk Hands – Don’t Think About Death (Recommendation)

Band: Chalk Hands
Album: Don’t think about Death
Genre: Post-Hardcore
Country: England
Release Date: 18th of March, 2022
Released via: Dog Knights Productions
Cover Artwork: © Dog Knights Productions

I love the genre Post-Hardcore. Chalk Hands play exactly that kind of Hardcore. So I really like Don’t think about Death. The sound and style of this album instantly reminded me of a crossing between Defeater (the sound of the drums und guitars) and Pianos Become the Teeth (vocals).

Don’t think about Death always sways back and forth between melancholic melodies, pushing tempo and upfront vocals. To use a corny phrase, you feel their hearts pounding on their tongue.

Title track and “The Bridge” are standout songs for me. “Don’t Think About Death” takes its time before erupting into a Post-Hardcore-crescendo while “The Bridge” literally takes this album to a end. This couple, beside the first single “Fail, Grasp, Restore” are a perfect summation of what is awesome about this album.

Don’t Think About Death is an impressive debut album. Beginning from the atmosphere, continuing to the sound and ending with the vocals, this band has a huge potential to go places, once people get to know them.

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