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A Wilhelm Scream @ Sputnikhalle (Münster)

A Wilhelm Scream
Bands:A Wilhelm Scream, Make War
Date:4th of August, 2022
Location:Sputnikhalle, Münster
Promoter:Kingstar Music
Photos:Thomas Transcended

On this brutal warm day in August, A Wilhelm Scream along with Make War wanted to put us through the wringer. A Wilhelm Scream just released their sort of comeback-album Lose Your Delusion this year and are more than ready to bring the sweat and the melodies back.

First off today are Make War. Infectious Punk is the name of the game here. Having released their EP Stay in 2021, Make War were the perfect match for opening this night. Sing-alongs, duo vocals and uptempo can never be wrong in a live setting.

By the end of their set the crowd had received their fair dose of Spanish language, good looking hair and were ready for the return of A Wilhelm Scream.

A Wilhelm Scream opened their career-spanning set with “The Kids Can Eat a Bag of Dicks” and the crowd was immediately in motion. Sweat was the element that connected the audience and the band.

It is always a sign of quality when the new songs of a band blend in a set without stopping the momentum the old songs build. Songs like “Figure Eights in my Head” or “GIMMETHESHAKES” were personal highlights for me while it would have also been awesome if the opener “Acushnet Avenue at Night” had been played.

It’s all about the love.


This was the mantra of the evening and A Wilhelm Scream sang true by it. You could see it in the eyes of the band that they were more than happy, to be finally playing shows again.

As mentioned in the beginning, it was hot outside, so it was hot inside. A great indicator for that was the visor of Nuno Pereira’s cap. Song for song the line of sweat took its way towards the end of the visor. Another thing that grew bigger was his smile. It is not a natural thing that you can see that a band really like being somewhere, but here it was in plain sight.

Another thing that has become quite seldom these days are “real” encores. Not the “peek-a-boo” ones, where a band disappears for 5 seconds and is back on stage again. A Wilhelm Scream were done with their set after the great duo “The Horse” and “The King is Dead” but the audience wasn’t done with them. Lucky for us, there was still some energy (and sweat) left for another song (“Famous Friend and Fashion Drunks” if I recall correctly).

This was an awesome, wholesome evening. Everybody felt that and everybody needed that.

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