Alternative, Post-Punk, Shoegaze

LANDLORDS – Codeine (Recommendation)

Genre:Shoegaze, Post-Punk
Country:New Zealand
Release Date:26th of August, 2022
Released viaChurch Road Records
Cover ArtworkChurch Road Records

Summer is here. The asphalt is burning, shadows are your best friends and you need a musical companion for this time to keep your mind hydrated. Welcome New Zealand’s LANDLORDS. Two years after their self-titled debut-EP, Codeine is here to bring their brand of Post-Punk meets Shoegaze upon the world.

LANDLORDS play slow, heavy Shoegaze with an almost dreamy atmosphere. The opener “Perfect Life” serves as a great blueprint for the rest of this EP. The seemingly opposite elements of the sound build a great unit.The guitars could very well belong to a Post-Rock band but they either way work great with the echoing vocals here.

Codeine’s 20 minutes are the slow-motion-sequence you need when the world around you is moving too fast. This is music for sitting on a porch, seeing heatwaves rising from the ground while thinking about missing bittersweet opportunities. “Clover” is the perfect example for encapsulating this feeling.

LANDLORDSCodeine is a great EP and a worthy addition to your Shoegaze playlist. They found a great new home with Church Road Records and with music like this the summer can’t be hot enough.

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