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Implore – The Burden of Existence (Review)

Release:The Burden of Existence
Genre:Punk, Death Metal, Crust
Release Date:28th of October, 2022
Released viaChurch Road Records
Cover ArtworkChurch Road Records

Changes within a band, especially if it concerns the own sound, can be considered very critical, especially in the Metal scene. However, there are also some positive examples. Implore are definitely one of them.

Of course, fans know very well that the band has evolved with every new release. The Burden of Existence is probably their best work so far! It will be released on October 28th via Church Road Records.

Already with the opener “Prior Void” it becomes clear which direction Implore are taking on their new record. As usual, Gabbo’s vocals sound very sharp and grindy. In contrast, the guitar and drums sound a lot like Converge and Cursed. If you like hectic and chaotic guitar riffs, you will get your money’s worth here.

Also, with The Burden Of Existence, the new influences become more than clear. Implore are no longer “just” a crusty death punk band. They combine different genres, which is more than refreshing. As if they had eaten a good portion of Jane Doe for breakfast during the last months.

People who like to mosh are definitely not ready for this record. Brutal breakdowns, as on The Burden Of Existence or mosh parts (“Sun Deprived“) show that the new album must be listened to either very loud at home or best live.

The quartet does not sound like a completely new band. If you still love the old rough sound (like me), don’t worry! Songs like “Archetype” or “Masochistic Tendencies” are straight up old school Implore bangers. Here and there you can hear the already above-mentioned influences , but still both examples stand for the crusty and grindy sound of days gone by.

I’m probably most surprised about a side that Implore never really showed on the previous releases. Being melodic. Suddenly you get caught ice cold by short melodic and atmospheric parts. “Love Will Gradually Perish” is probably the most interesting song on the new album, at least when it comes to unusual influences. Never would I have expected a guitar without a distortion pedal. You like Amenra and Oathbreaker? Good, because this song definitely covers the dark aesthetic both bands are well known for. Does it seem unusual? Maybe! Does it sound good? More than good! The way the band manages to build up a dark mood is remarkable. Goosebumps incoming.

But what kind of album is The Burden of Existence? For me, the new record represents an important step for Implore. They remain true to themselves and their roots. At the same time, these guys improve on so many levels. Atmosphere, storytelling and use of new elements (we still need more cowbell!) clearly show how much the band has developed in recent years.

For me there is no doubt here at all, The Burden of Existence is the best album (at this point) Implore have released. With Church Road Records they have also found the perfect home. Shout outs to Church Road for always picking up the best underground bands. Our team truly loves your work!

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