Death Metal

Revocation – Netherheaven (Review)

Genre:Death Metal
Release Date:9th of September, 2022
Released viaMetal Blade Records
Cover ArtworkMetal Blade Records

I really thought about how to approach Netherheaven for a long time. The latest output of Revocation combines so many insane styles that I had problems to get an overview. Over and over again, I had to and wanted to listen to it to have some examples for this review. And while I listened to the music, one thing struck me: This album is absolute madness!

Seriously, Netherheaven works from front to back and has so many fantastic awesome moments that it’s fun to run it through front to back every time. Of course, you notice references all the time. Whether it’s Cannibal Corpse in “Gordforsaken“, the very late Death in “The Intervening Abyss of Untold Aeons“, Demilich in “The 9th Chasm” or even Gojira in “Strange and Eternal“, Revocation use it all. And why? Because they can!I’m not exaggerating, each of the mentioned songs is an absolute crusher. What’s being served up here is, as a good friend once said, really great tennis (welcome to German idioms).

But the best thing is that Revocation also manage to create a clearly recognizable sound of their own. Of course you can still complain about it, but if the songwriting, the production, tension, feeling and sound work and it also has a high replay value, then an album is simply a good album. And “Netherheaven” is a fucking ten!

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