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High Command – Eclipse of the Dual Moons (Review)

High Command
Band:High Command
Release:Eclipse of the Dual Moons
Genre:Thrash Metal
Release Date:25th of November, 2022
Released viaSouthern Lord
Cover ArtworkSouthern Lord

Grab your sword and knight armour, because High Command are back. Ready to conquer new enemy territories, the US guys have written the appropriate soundtrack for it. Eclipse of the Dual Moons, the second album by High Command, will be released on November 25th via Southern Lord.

Armed for the perfect Thrash Metal sound, they ride onto the battlefield with eight dangerous songs.

Already with the title track “Eclipse Of The Dual Moons” you are thrown directly into battle. Accompanied by wild guitar riffing and a fierce solo, you cut off the heads of your enemies. Especially the solo at the end of the song shows how technical High Command have become. 

If you’re looking for a melodic riff that will surely burn itself into your head, “Immortal Savagery” is for you. Especially the beginning will be stuck in your head forever. Otherwise, High Command are capable to create a perfect mix between Thrash and Heavy Metal. As if Slayer and Mötorhead had an illegitimate child. 

It seems as if the band has become much more mature in recent years. There is more focus on the Thrashy sound and the former Hardcore and Punk elements are put aside in the grave of fallen comrades-in-arms. Instead, they try to write longer songs, which succeeds more than well with “Imposing Hammers Of Cold Sorcery” and “Spires Of Secartha”. Never would I have thought that High Command would also work with songs that have a running time of over seven minutes. Kneel down before your masters.

Omniscient Flail Of Infamy” is probably the ideal track to pillage the nearby villages. The thundering drum sound should drive any horse across the battlefield. The Slayer and Exodus influence cannot be denied here. Anything else would result in burning at the stake. 

For me by far the strongest song on the record, precisely because it best reflects the sound and attitude of the album. 

Chamber Of Agony” lives up to its name. It’s like being trapped in a wet and mouldering dungeon for eternity. Especially the keyboard sounds underline this gloomy mood. 

Get ready for the final battle! “Spires Of Secartha” will make sure that you win the last fight. Here High Command have shown all their songwriting skills. This more than epic closer lasts for almost twelve minutes. In doing so, it once again showcases everything that makes Eclipse of the Dual Moons stand out. Riffs, riffs and more riffs. But also, the slowly building atmosphere should be mentioned positively. 

I started listening to this band when their first demo was released. It makes me happy to see how High Command are getting bigger with every new release. With their sophomore album they prove impressively that the future belongs to them. 

Whoever has to win a battle in the near future, no matter if on the battlefield or in your mind… this is the perfect album for you.

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