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Roman’s Top 10 Releases of 2022

Another year, another list. It always is a pleasure to recollect at the end of the year what releases found the most frequent rotation digitally and / or physically. Let’s dive into a once again incredibly strong year regarding music from all different genres.

10 – Abanglupa – Of Rats and Swine
[Lower Class Kids Records]

To a certain extent, Grindcore often misses my interest when it is predominantly used as a mere end to itself. An absolute peak of political embedding within the Grindcore scene was delivered at the beginning of this year, when the Vivo Brothers (who also delivered another massive release with Basalt Shrine) brought out their debut “Of Rats and Swine” that adresses the precarious political situation on the Philippines. With strong force and covered in intense sludgy mud, those guys throw bricks of opinions right into your goddamn face. [Review] / [Interview]

9 – Lifetaker – Der Letzte Raum
[Lower Class Kids Records & Black Omega Recordings]

Dortmund Grind blasters Lifetaker are back with their sophomore full-length and it is outstanding what is delivered on this release. The strong blasting Deathgrind sound Lifetaker played before is combined with dirty and rotten Punk. Once again, Lifetaker show that they are capable to find new nuances within their music and blast your ears off on as many different stages as possible. [Review]

8 – Abest – Molten Husk
[Moment of Collapse Records]

This one really took me by surprise! Bonds of Euphoria was the release that grasped my attention when it comes to Abest. It clearly was a strong album, yet it didn’t find its way into my AOTY list back then. Primarily because I got hooked on it when the year was over already. This was different when Molten Husk came out. What an absolute blast, sweeping through the heaviest of genres with an absolute ease! It feels as if those guys have no diffuculty at all switching between whatever style fits their mood best at the moment. This one is going to knock you off your feet, fold you into tiny pieces and shove you right below your closet!

7 – eloquent – Yung Lost

Another year, another collection of eloquent releases. This German rapper continues to uphold a massive output level – and once again, all of those releases were incredibly strong and different. However, Yung Lost captures the vibe of cultivating loss as the prime element within the major share of the lyrics. Having had probably one of the worst – if not the worst – year in my life, I came back to this album a damn lot of times.

6 – Ultha – All That Has Never Been True
[Vendetta Records]

What felt like an initial weak April Fool’s joke rapidly turned out to become one of the most thrilling releases of 2022. Having been announced and released on April 1st, this release was a drastic highlight. Steamrolling you with a bulk of emotions constrained into sonical format, Ultha once more successfully return to their home in Vendetta Records.

5 – Worm – Bluenothing
[20 Buck Spin]

If you thought that Foreverglade already portrayed the peak of Florida-based Death Doom combo Worm, that those guys proved you wrong with their latest MLP. Bluenothing easily supersedes what happened on Foreverglade by single-handledly introducing elements of various different Metal geners. This is a broad journey through progressive worlds with a huge amount of funeral bells.

4 – Sumerian Tombs – S/T
[Ván Records]

Already having caught my attention with their demo that was released at the end of 2021, the eagerly awaited full-length debut of Vampyric Black Metal combo Sumerian Tombs is a strong synergy of the different waves of Black Metal, together with a massive amount of epicness. Incredibly strong melodies, capturing atmosphere among other different takes on the genre compile a memorable release that definitely raises interest in more to come! [Review] / [Interview]

3 – Kluizenaer – Ein Abbild der Leere
[Wolves of Hades & Breath:Sun.:Bone:Blood:. Records]

This might be one of the bleakest releases of 2022. Having been released in February, this release by Kluizenaer quite quickly marked a spot in my list, since I was immersed in this album. I haven’t heard many releases that are capable of conveying desparation to such an extent as this album.[Review] / [Interview]

2 – Deathrite – Delirium
[Into Endless Chaos Records]

Yeehaw! Deathrite are back! Finding their way back to the underground at Into Endless Chaos Records, those guys deliver one of the meanest “Ugh” – capable releases of the entire year. Plunging way deeper into the influences of 1st Wave Black Metal, this release adds the necessary amount of roll to the sound of Deathrite. Clearly an album that is going to find a stable repeat in your player while getting lost in the dark of the night in an intoxicated state! [Review]

1 – Scalpture – Feldwärts
[FDA Records & Fucking Kill Records]

scaltpure - feldwärts album cover

When I took my notes in order to write the review for this release, I was not yet aware that it will eventually land on my spot #1. However, retrospectively, Feldwärts has it all. What a strong release! Straightforward Death Metal finding its way via memorable riffing and lead melodies combined with a pressuring production. Especially finding its framework within the progression of the year 2022, I came back to this release with all its facettes numerous times! [Review]

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