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Shortcuts to the Underground – Episode 1

Carnosus – Visions of Infinihility

2023 is more or less still just a baby but I’m confident to say these Swedes released something that will end up on my AOTY list. Crazy technicality without that over-polished sound that is common in the genre. Don’t get me wrong, I do like most of the over-polished Tech Death releases. This one though has a really groovy sound, thick bass, badass drums and really versatile vocals while the sound production is still down to earth. Some Thrash Metal influence as well, though speed is definitely not their main goal, its groove. The amazing artwork is done by no other than the German artist Timon Kokott.

View From The Soyuz – Immaculate

I just heard this EP for the first time and it immediately reminded me of my youth, 10-15 years ago. These Japanese guys play a melodic kind of Metalcore / Deathcore (no real breakdowns though) with that straight forward / in your face attitude. Imagine a mix between early Heaven Shall Burn, Unearth and some classic Darkest Hour… it’s pretty damn cool indeed!

Vesper Goods – The Forest is Alive

Wow… It takes some cojones to make a record like this! Hands down for that. Vesper Goods released this early December 2022 and it’s a damn unique thing. 8 straight Death Metal / Deathgrind songs and 5 Post Punk / Pop Punk songs on one record… Who would ever do that? Well.. they did. I’m clearly more a fan of the heavy songs but I just had to recommend this beacause it absolutely stands out. Badass Death Metal (well.. the part that is Death Metal) with a Grind feel, some oldschool and some newschool bits, really cool! The cover is weird as fuck, but I’m sure that’s intended.

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