Upcoming Show: Culthe Fest 2023 (Concerts)

Event:Culthe Fest
Date:8th & 9th of April, 2023
Location:Am Hawerkamp, Münster
Promoter:Unaussprechliche Culthe
Flyer of Culthe Fest 2021

It is a damn pity. Looking at the beautifully crafted line-up of Culthe Fest 2021, surely a large amount of hearts were broken when this show was cancelled. Originally having been able to transfer the line-up from the first cancelled Culthe Fest 2020 to 2021, it most certainly was with heavy hearts that this fest was cut off. With incredibly huge acts such as Melechesh, Harakiri for the Sky and Uada yet also underground gems such as Depravation and Yovel, this was a line-up that had your heart skip a beat by merely looking at it. We all know that lockdowns killed as much as the tiniest bit of possibilities for live acts during the last two years. After your heart has suffered way too much during these years, it is finally possible to state that Culthe Fest is back in 2023 with an even wilder line-up than before!

Bringing together 18 bands from 7 countries on three stages, Culte Fest 2023 is going to seek relief for the time we all missed during the recent years. Revoling around the genre of Black Metal again, this line-up offers a lot for many different types of fans within the realms of extreme music and beyond. The incredibly convincing line-up that brings you headliners Ultha and The Ruins of Beverast next to tons of seminal underground acts is supported by an exhibition of dark arts & crafts as well as a morbid reading of a short story by H.P. Lovecraft. The entire package that is offered on those two days is insanely overwhelming, fulfilling the wishes of any underground affiliate. In case you only know a few bands, we took a closer look at everything happening that weekend so as to ease the decision why you should be at Culthe Fest!

Saturday, 8th of April

ULTHA (DE, Black Metal)

Maybe the best Black Metal band from Germany, if not Europe?! Of course, I am speaking about Ultha. With All That Has Never Been True they have released another masterpiece, which fits seamlessly into the perfect discography of the band. Songs from the latest record will probably be on the setlist for Culthe Fest. This alone should be enough to check out the Cologne group. Afterwards you will feel empty and possibly question your entire existence. You don’t want to miss Ultha!

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Surrounding sole consistent member Schwadorf, Sun of the Sleepless will play a few selected shows in 2023. One of which will be at Culthe Fest along with musicians from Helrunar and Mosaic. With their latest release being a split together with Cavernous Gate from 2019, it will be interesting to experience the live sound of this amazingly atmospheric Black Metal act.

DAWN RAY’D (UK, Antifascist Anarchist Black Metal)

Anarchy in the U.K. or rather in Münster? Dawn Ray’d are not only musically but also politically an enrichment for Culthe Fest. In a time where right-wing structures are gaining more and more power it is important to fight against them. Black Metal has never been more refreshing thanks to Dawn Ray’d. On March 24 the third album of the Englishmen, To Know the Light, will be released. The perfect timing to unleash this monster of an album at Culthe Fest.

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DEATHRITE (DE, Death Metal / Punk)

Metal Punk over Münster! Fasten your seatbelts, because with their EP Delirium in the luggage, Deathrite will crush Culthe Fest. Speaking of Delirium: Deathrite’s latest release celebrates its one-year anniversary this weekend. So, grab a cold drink of your choice and punch your best friend in the face. Definitely one of many highlights you shouldn’t miss this weekend. If you enjoy your Death Metal with a big portion of Punk attitude you better catch Deathrite this weekend.

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THE DEVIL’S TRADE (HU, Dark / Doom Folk)

Dávid Makó aka The Devil’s Trade fits perfectly into the line-up of Culthe Festival. Besides several Black Metal bands, the melancholic voice of the singer and songwriter will slowly pierce your heart like a dagger. The Devil’s Trade made quite a name for himself with performances at the legendary Roadburn Festival or touring with bands like Der Weg einer Freiheit.

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MAUD THE MOTH (ES / UK, Dark Soul / Jazz Pianist & Singer / Songwriter)

This truly is one of the highlights regarding the diversity of the line-up at Culthe Fest 2023. With Maud the Moth, we get to experience the beautifully atmospheric Dark Soul music of Amaya López-Carromero. This is one of the few possibilities to see her perform live. After the release of the Brudenell Piano Sessions, it probably got even more interesting to find out what listening to this music live would feel like.

FRIISK (DE, Black Metal)

With their debut EP De Doden van’t Waterkant from 2018, Friisk introduced us to their Frisian variant of highly atmospheric Black Metal, implementing soundscapes that instantly transport you to the North Sea. This is going to be their first show in Münster with their 2021 full-length debut …un torügg bleev blot Sand, which perfectly met the expectations regarding their previous output on album length.

YOVEL (GR, Black Metal for the Opressed)

Accompanied by Dawn Ray’d at the same evening, the first day of Culthe Fest 2023 conveys the impression of an evening for resistance against oppression when considering Yovel to be playing their first German show at the very same day. With their 2020 sophomore full-length Forthcoming Humanity, this Greek Black Metal band brought forth a concept album based on the poems of Tasos Leivaditis, which addresses the voices of those who transported hope in the past. It goes without saying that experiencing a live performance of this music will be outstanding!

NO SUN RISES (DE, Post Black Metal)

When you hold a physical Black Metal release in your hands and you first read the words “Fuck NSBM, Fuck Nazi Sympathy” you know that you are at the exact right spot. You’re now holding German Black Metal outfit No Sun Rises’ full-length debut Ascent Decay. Returning to Münster with their sophomore full-length Dominium Terrae, No Sun Rises bring forth a staggering yet aggressive playstyle that is going to be absolutely furious when watching live. Truly another Black Metal outfit that perfectly matches the line-up of the day!

Sunday, 9th of April

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST (DE, Black / Death / Doom Metal)

I am quite certain that The Ruins of Beverast don’t need an introduction to anyone who is interested in Black Metal. Nevertheless, the appearance of this outfit will mark their first show in Münster, delivering the 2021 output The Thule Grimoires. If there is a band that is difficult to be grasped via the usage of micro genres, you found your representative. The ever-shifting music of The Ruins of Beverast is a key factor identifying the band. Definitely a worthy headliner for the second evening!

WOLVENNEST (BE, Experimental / Psychedelic / Ritual Black Metal / Psychedelic Rock)

Combining the spheres of Black Metal and Psychedelic Rock, Wolvennest are another act on the second day of Culthe Fest that is going to transcend genre boundaries with their appearance. With their 2021 live album Ritual – MMXX, we were already brought forward to get a glimpse of what it is like to see Wolvennest live. If you enjoyed this release or their previous 2020 sophomore full-length Temple, it is probably mandatory to visit Culthe Fest this year.

FVNERALS (DE, Dark Ambient / Doom / Drone / Post Rock)

With their 3rd full-length Let the Earth be Silent having been released only recently, there is no need for an explanation why it can be recommended to visit Fvnerals’ appearance at Culthe Fest. Offering a subtle yet strong combination of atmospheric Dark Ambience, Doom and Drone, the impact that can be transported at a live show will probably be impressively convincing. Adding up to acts such as The Ruins of Beverast and Wolvennest, it becomes evident that the second evening of this year’s Culthe Fest is held under the banner of musical experimentation within the fields of Black Metal.

SUN WORSHIP (DE, Black Metal)

Returning to Münster with their 3rd full-length Emanations of Desolation that came out in 2019, Sun Worship will deliver dense wall of sound with their output. Especially their 2014 full-length debut Elder Gods is an album that stuck with me for years. Oppressive Black Metal where instrumentation and vocals are in a major fight. It will be a feast to experience the desperation that emanates from this music at a live appearance.

MORAST (DE, Death / Doom Metal)

Death and Doom Metal hybrid Morast are the perfect band for Culthe Fest. Gloomy atmosphere coupled with devastating sound. The quartet from West Germany will bring rot and decay to each and every visitor personally. But that’s not all. The legendary vocalist Zingultus, possibly known for his work in bands like Graupel and Nagelfar, has taken over the mic for Morast. I think this alone speaks for itself. You are in for a treat.

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KESYS (FR, Dark Acoustic / Ambient / Folk)

A major relief and contemplation will be served with the music of Kesys. This is meditative Ambient Folk primarily relying on acoustic instruments. In the middle of the rather experimental second day of Culthe Fest, this is a well-fitting enrichment that will take off the audience at the exact right spot. Regarding the fact that meditative repetition is going to mark a focal point for several bands to follow, this will be a perfect start.

BANK MYNA (FR, Dark Experimental / Ritual Post Rock / Ambient / Drone)

Marking their first appearance in Germany, Bank Myna will be able to present their 2022 release Volaverunt that is going to conjure majestic soundscapes. Thoroughly mesmerizing instrumentation lures the listener to follow closely. The inspiration that can be spotted in this music is broad, yet the sound that is conveyed feels entirely harmonic. Moving in between possibilities to sufficiently grasp this sound by pinpointing specific genres, it is most probably recommendable to merely experience this music live.

PERISH (DE, Black / Death Metal)

“The universe of Perish is characterised by aggression, rage and dark atmosphere” – I know that you’re smiling while reading this. Perish is one of the acts on the second day of Culthe Fest that is going to heat up the day. However, you mustn’t be mislead, since atmosphere also plays a key role here. Merging an in-your-face sound with beautiful in-between-sequences, Persih delivered a refreshing tone with their 2022 debut release The Decline. Setting the bridge between entirely atmospheric acts on this day and all-frontal Black Metal, the spot on the line-up of Perish is well set.

HÆRESIS (DE, Post Black Metal)

Ah yes. Another key highlight of this second day. Submerge. Dive in. Get lost. There are a lot of words to describe what you are going to experience when listening to the music of Hæresis. On their 2020 debut EP To Drown…, Hæresis showcase a strong combination of atmosphere and ferocious Black Metal outburst that still crucially breathes ambience. This is literally going to sweep you off your feet, I highly recommend to not miss this band on the second day of Culthe Fest! Vocalist Tine will also be present in a different role at the Dark Arts & Crafts Exhibition as darkdarkgrey_prints.

In case you want to listen to the entire line-up step by step, Unaussprechliche Culthe also put together a YouTube playlist bringing together all acts that are going to hit the stage on those two days. Starting off with “Dispel” by Ultha, you can listen through tracks of all of the bands in a row.

H.P. Lovecraft Morbid Reading

Don’t act as if it was a secret. We’re all here because of our love for the wicked. Not having heard of H.P. Lovecraft pretty much sounds like a lie. On both of the days of Culthe Fest, there is going to be a reading by Sahnemann (known for Total Negation, Nachts, Absolutum) that will be musically underlined by the acoustic ensemble Issmich. On the first day (8th of April), Sahnemann will read Dreams in the Witch House (Träume im Hexenhaus) by H.P. Lovecraft and on the second day (9th of April) he will read Herr Jesu, which is a morbid Easter story written by Sahnemann himself.

Dark Arts & Crafts Exhibition

At Culthe Fest, there will also be an exhibition for artists that create dark arts and crafts. This will not only aim at art lovers exclusively, but also serve as a possibility for interested people to find support regarding merch artworks, collaborations and all sorts of opportunities. Regarding the DIY Black Metal framework that surrounds this event, this Dark Arts and Crafts Exhibition is a crucial enrichment for both of the days.

We added the Instagram profiles of all of the artists that are going to be present at Culthe Fest for the reader to find out what art to expect. Since I don’t feel capable enough to come up with fitting words in order to the describe the art that is offered by these artists, I looked up the piece of art that crossed my attention the most.













Apart from the well-balanced supply of the Dark Arts & Crafts Exhibition and the morbid readings, there will also be stands of several contributors. First of all and most importantly, undisputed go-to Black Metal label Vendetta Records will be present, which is worth a visit already. Apart from that, Supreme Chaos Records will also be available. Underground tape label Golden Coffin Records only recently came across my attention with the release of both the Rană debut and the Velvet Rain demo. Münster-based skateboard and clothing shop Koloss will be present as well!

I don’t think that we need to mention anything more for you to understand that it is an obligation to be present at this event!



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