Grunge, Hardcore, Punk

Filth is Eternal – Find Out (Recommendation)

Filth is eternal find out
Band:Filth is Eternal
Release:Find Out
Genre:Hardcore, Punk, Grunge
Release Date:29th of September, 2023
Released viaMNRK Records

Guitar feedback, drums and let’s go. No time to waste, just like their last album Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal Filth is Eternal put the pedal to the metal (to get a little corny here) and take you right into the front of stage pits.

Filth Is Eternal still throw fistful of gravel at high speed into your face with songs like “Crawlspace” or “Curious Thing“, but then a song like “Cherish” comes and all of a sudden there is a slight feel of nostalgia, which takes you right back to the beginning of the grungy 90s. This Grunge-touch suits Filth is Eternal damn well and the single “Pressure Me” proves it in an impressive way.

Find Out on the whole is more melodic effort than its predecessor. “All Mother” or “Signal Decay” really shine here. The slow-burning album closer “Loveless” couldn’t be a better exclamation to put an end to this record. But all these melodies and surprises don’t mean that Find Out is a summer-time-surf-rock album. There is still enough anger and bile to be found in this 30 minute musical workout.

Love is a Lie, Filth is Eternal”: the band kept and keeps its promise and throws Find Out into and onto the world. Hardcore and Punk are still the driving forces here, but the little tied-in flannel makes Find Out Filth is Eternal‘s best album to date.

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