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Brackwasser Knipp – Blutrunst Mob (Recommendation)

Band:Brackwasser Knipp
Release:Blutrunst Mob
Release Date:3rd of March, 2023
Released viaRaddatz Records

Sometimes you wind up with bands that have you wonder what exact music you are going to expect from them. A major example that comes to my mind is the Brutal Death Metal band Broken Hope. I heard this band’s name more than 10 years ago and thought of a certain kind of Emo sound – then a friend of mine turned their music on and I was slightly confused. Conversely, though, this is the exact opposite when we talk about the music of Brackwasser Knipp. If you imagine yourself wading through brackish water, although the entire name of this band can be understood differently, you’re in the exact mood to enjoy this music.

Brackwasser Knipp is the solo project of Angelo Donnermann (100000 Tonnen Kruppstahl) and with this latest release Blutrunst Mob, we find ourselves right in the middle of ever-consuming, filthy as hell yet very traditional Sludge. The term traditional in this typology means that the roots of Punk are highly present and mixed with strong notes of Noise Rock, that might be familiar to people who already know Donnermann’s main project. However, the sound of Brackwasser Knipp differs somewhat, since it takes stronger influences from the originators of Sludge. If you associate this with EyeHateGod, you’re at the exact right spot, yet the atmosphere is submerged in a more prominently Noise Rock and Punk-ish framework.

All the kind regards go out from the fact of having lived in the city of Gelsenkirchen for more than 10 years when listening to tracks such as “Zugestiegen,” on which we get a very clear characterization of a repellant person that enters the train, emanating signals that can be perceived by a major share of the passengers with pure disgust. We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced this. Some of us might have made up the other side of the story already as well, though. No judging. Because depending on your point-of-view, the sound might take altering meanings. The 6th track “Nicht belastbar” might be understood as an anthem for the Millenial generation, though. Again, depending on your point of view – but any Boomer might instantly agree, Millenials themselves might take a different stance.

While the sound on this album is captivating itself already, especially from the droning bass, the wading drums and the angry vocals, the interest definitely comes from the lyrics of those tracks. In case you loved early Tom Waits releases and their beautiful transportation of city night life, Blutrunst Mob might be your very counterpart that moves the tendency of Charles Bukowski right into the gutters of your favorite capital city, fully concentrating on the downsides of these places.

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