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Je est un Autre – Flatworm Mysticism (Recommendation)

Je est un autre - Flatworm Mysticism
Band:Je est un Autre
Release:Flatworm Mysticism
Genre:Dark Ambient
Release Date:1st of March, 2024
Released viaCestrum Nocturnum Recordings (Cassette and Digital in USA)
Cloud Chamber Recordings (CD in Europe)
Cover ArtworkJay Daugherty

Ambient is something that has grown to me over the course of the years 2020 till 2022 and has stuck to me ever since. There is just something about floating soundscapes and atmosphere invoked via song-titles and album art. Je est un Autre (French for “I is another”) is no different in that regard. Je est un Autre is a new solo project from Dylan Desmond, best known for his work with Bell Witch, which takes its name from Rimbaud’s declaration on the nature of being (educate yourself if you like). While the Bass is his primary weapon of choice in Bell Witch, the synthesizer is taking the leading role here.

Just like that great abstract artwork done by Jay Daugherty there is this constant feeling of “I don’t know exactly what is going on here” on Flatworm Mysticism. “Ein einziger Gedanke” (always nice to see correct German grammar used by non-native speakers) starts this journey and you are in for treat here. Just like fog, the atmosphere created here surrounds you and won’t let got for the next 40 minutes. Your senses will change, your focus will alter and you’ll be in a different place afterwards.

Listening to Flatworm Mysticism is like going on a hike: you have to go the full distance to be rewarded with great views and the complete experience. Sometimes you might feel lost or unsure of what your outcome might be, but at the end of Flatworm Mysticism the images created in your head will surely last.

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