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Malsten – The Haunting Of Silvåkra Mill – Rites Of Passage (Recommendation)

Malsten - The Haunting Of Silvåkra Mill - Rites Of Passage
Release:The Haunting Of Silvåkra Mill – Rites Of Passage
Genre:Doom Metal
Release Date:15th of March, 2024
Released viaSvart Records

The murderous Silvåkra Mill keeps turning and Malsten are here again to tell its ongoing story. Since we already liked the beginning, we are eager to see this story further unfolds.

Upon the first hushed sounds of “Path of the Nix” and the following massive Doom-laden riff you’ll feel home at this cursed mill. Once again one sees themselves walking up there to quench their deadly curiosity. Just like in the Ambient-genre, a lot of the great stuff happening here, is created via atmosphere and story-telling. Just like a good sequel to a horror movie or game, you’ll enter the area around the mill and feel immediately uneasy. You know the backstory, the lore and once again you are in for the ride.

4 new passages (and two interludes) expand the story of the mill. All the trademarks that made the debut stand out are still here, especially the haunting clean and calm vocals guiding you while being ground by heaviness. With every turn of the mill the listener more and more gets turned into flour.

The Haunting Of Silvåkra Mill – Rites Of Passage is truly a rites de passage for Malsten. It is a logical step from the their debut and a fascinating new chapter in their murderous-mill-legend. Like a calm cyclone it will slowly but surely drag you into its centre of madness and won’t let you go.

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