Singer Songwriter

Quentin Sauvé – Whatever It Takes (Recommendation)

Artist: Quentin Sauvé
Album: Whatever It Takes
Genre: Singer / Songwriter
Country: France
Release Date: February 1st (digital), March 27th (on vinyl), 2020
Released via Deathwish Inc.
Cover Artwork © Deathwish Inc. 2020

Imagine the following situation:

The writer of this review receives the Deathwish Inc. Newsletter informing him that the bass player of Birds in Row is releasing a solo record. In my head I began to make space for moshing, finger pointing and screaming along. But then I hit the play button on my mobile mp3-playing device and instead of moshing, finger-pointing and screaming along… I sat down and listened.

I was caught by surprise – by tenderness. No screaming, just an acoustic guitar (with some effects) and the voice of Quentin Sauvé. I was hooked by the laid-back and calming atmosphere of this record. When I drove to work on a misty morning with slight rainfall, it was the perfect musical background to let thoughts slide and the nice tristesse of the moment sink in.

Clocking in around 39 minutes and nine songs you get a very good singer/songwriter record by a man whose main-band is quite the opposite. Immediate highlights are “Love is Home” and “Dead End“. But the highlights are constantly changing. With every turn, another line or melody gets stuck in ones head and you just take a deep breath.

This record is recommended for anyone who likes to take a break from the aggravating everyday chore and just let somber music sink in.

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