Alternative, Singer Songwriter

Emma Ruth Rundle – Engine of Hell (Recommendation)

Band: Emma Ruth Rundle
Album: Engine of Hell
Genre: Alternative, Singer / Songwriter
Country: USA
Release Date: 4th of November, 2021
Released via Sargent House
Cover Artwork © Sargent House

Although this blog being mostly about Metal and Hardcore releases, sometimes something hits you emotionally when you don’t expect it.

It is common sense that you don’t have to make loud or heavy music to have an impact on people. It is just another way to affect people. Artists like Emma Ruth Rundle take a more subtle but never less effective approach.

Upon the first notes of “Return” you are captivated. Emma Ruth Rundle achieves something a lot of bands and artist need a whole lot more instruments and “studio-magic” for. Engine of Hell is a piano-driven album, supported by some acoustic guitars. This reduced instrumentation adds up the living room-atmosphere that this album radiates.

Intimate albums like this always make me think of Tori Amos, who just needed a piano (sometimes even just her voice) to tell haunting stories that shake you up and stay with you. The song “Body” with its chorus line “We are moving the body now” got stuck in my head and heart for days.

Engine of Hell is like somebody wanting to talk to you, not yell or scream at you. A friend who wants to sit down and speak with you sincerely. Engine of Hell is the “We need to talk” among a lot of “Let’s chat”-albums.

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