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Quentin Sauvé – Enjoy the View (Review)

Quentin Sauvé Enjoy
Band:Quentin Sauvé
Release:Enjoy the View
Genre:Alternative, Singer / Songwriter
Release Date:31st of March, 2023
Released viaHummus Records / Bright Colors/ Luik Musique
Cover ArtworkHummus Records

Some records just “find” their perfect place and time. Back in the year 2020, circa a month before Corona put its grasp around the world, Quentin Sauvé released his debut Whatever it Takes. The winter was grey and dreary, but this record gave it warm, melancholic twist that took me again and again.

Enjoy the View arrives on the edge of spring and just like the retreating winter and the life coming back into nature, a song like “Tunnel” catches this mood of being in high spirits again perfectly.

Horizon” was the first taste of this album and all the traits that made me fall in love with the debut are here: tender guitars, slight electronic background and the warm voice of Quentin Sauvé of course.

Empty Promises” are as bittersweet as it can get. Sonically it feels like a sequel to “Love is Home” and when the “ohooo”s and electric guitars come into play there is nothing left except a loud sigh.

Nostalgia” and “Random Streets” are the shortest and longest songs Quentin Sauvé has written so far. “Nostalgia” is a petite piano ballad while the album closer “Random Streets” swings itself from minute to minute to a big crescendo which leaves the listener alone after 7,5 minutes with spheric keyboard sounds at the end. For sure the biggest step out of the comfort-zone for Quentin Sauvé.

Enjoy the view succeeds in appearing at the right time just like its predecessor. Although melancholic at its core, Quentin Sauvé delivers the perfect companion for spring walks in solitude with your thoughts wandering. The more the sun will be coming, the more light will break on this beautiful gem of an album.

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