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Suicide Silence – Become the Hunter (Review)

Artist: Suicide Silence
Album: Become the Hunter
Genre: Deathcore
Country: USA
Release Date: 14th of February, 2020
Released via Nuclear Blast Records
Artwork © Nuclear Blast, 2020

Promo texts are an interesting thing. Most of the time, they serve as a little info about the band and the recording process of the album. Sometimes they are even very creative, in this case the text compares the history of Suicide Silence to great movies about revenge and overcoming great tragedies. The loss of Mitch Lucker in 2012 was of course the greatest tragedy that happened to this band. But a big „backlash“ in 2017 was left unmentioned…

Since 2017, Suicide Silence has been linked to the word „tehee“ and YouTuber Jared Dines. Jared Dines made a reaction video to the then lead single „Doris“ off their self-titled album. Social medias were full of memes and similiar reaction videos, a lot of stupid people posted a lot of stupid stuff. By now there’s no bad blood between Jared Dines and Suicide Silence, he even has a short cameo in the music video of „Love me to death“.

Their self-titled album was a bold artistical statement. A nearly complete departure from their charateristical deathcore sound. A whole lot of fans were lost in the process of trying something really new in the niche that they were in. Although it was not my favorite album, it had some good tracks on it („Doris“, „Silence“ and „Dying in a Red Room“) that I still listen to today.

Now Become the Hunter marks something like a comeback for Suicide Silence. The first three songs (excluding the intro „Meltdown“) released prior to this album („Love me to Death“, „Feel Alive“ and „Two Steps“) sounded like a 180 degree turn away from the previous album – Groovy Deathcore in the ink of Black Crown or You Can‘t Stop Me. To say I was looking forward to this album would be a great understatement.

The album starts with the aforementioned one-two-combo of „Meltdown“ and “Two Steps“ and those two songs serve as a perfect introduction to this record. What follows is a record every Deathcore fan should lend an ear: nice breakdowns in every song and the right balance between catchiness and heaviness.

However, Suicide Silence don‘t fall into monotony by just blasting along the whole time (which can be fine sometimes), they switch up the tempo and atmosphere with darker songs like „Skin Tight“ or „Serene Obscene“. Those songs are like stones, rolling down a hill until they hit an object in a devastating way.

Become the Hunter is great return to form by Suicide Silence, everything I love about them is present on this record and I am eager to see how these songs will work out live.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

8 / 10

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