Suicide Silence – Remember…You Must Die (Recommendation)

Suicide Silence
Band:Suicide Silence
Release:Remember…You Must Die
Release Date:10th of March, 2023
Released viaCentury Media Records
Cover ArtworkDavid Van Gough

Suicide Silence is back to being Suicide Silence

Chris Garza

Back to the roots is the name of the game on Suicide Silence‘s newest effort Remember…You Must Die. And those roots are bloody, that is what we know thanks to Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Sepultura).

A very important tool for that “Back to the roots”-approach is the production. Taylor Young is the “weapon of choice” here. Taylor Young succeeds in making Suicide Silence sounding gritty and raw. In short: he is the perfect choice for achieving that goal.

Already seven albums into their career, Suicide Silence decided to take a stylistic look back while progressing forward. After the experimental (to put it mildly) self-titled album Suicide Silence already began to move towards a more classic direction with Become the Hunter . Remember… continues to bruise down that path and is the logic succession from that point.

Besides being nostalgic (“Altar of Self” could also have been on The Black Crown for example) Suicide Silence know how to freshen up the grizzly songs like “Endless Dark” with an awesome Thrash Metal solo or end an already great album with one massive wall of riffs (“Full Void“).

Remember… is Suicide Silence condensed to its core. Eleven songs (without the intro) of grooving, hard-hitting Deathcore. Suicide Silence mastered their art of writing almost catchy Metal songs, not just intros to mosh parts. Suicide Silence are as vicious as ever and remain firmly at the upper end of the Deathcore genre.

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