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Aches – Dead Youth (Recommendation)

Artist: Aches
Album: Dead Youth
Genre: Hardcore
Country: Germany
Release Date: 12th of April, 2020
Released via Recordjet
Cover Artwork © Recordjet, 2020

A warm rush of nostalgia.

2005 marked a special year for me. In that year, Modern Life is War‘s masterpiece Witness was released. It had a major impact on my idea what Hardcore could be: mood and melody instead of moshing and monotony. That album wasn’t about lifting you up or pma, it was a sketch of a dead-end life in a left behind town.

Along with Modern Life is War, my Hardcore-socialisation happened with Bands like This is Hell or Rise and Fall. Deathwish Inc. played a very big role in the whole process and, judging from the sound, not just for me but also for Aches.

Dead Youth clocks in around 18 minutes and delivers monochrome coloured Hardcore at its best. Just by the look of the cover, I think of Dead Swans and the aforementioned Modern Life is War. „Pills“, „Stuck“ and „Lethargy“ breathe the spirit of the early Deathwish Inc. Hardcore and it is a pleasure to get taken back to this place.

ACHES – “Lethargy”

Sedates“ is a personal highlight for me. Dealing with an incredibly heavy subject – suicide – it conveys so much emotions without any vocal delivery (if you don’t count the intro). It is very rare that a Hardcore band pulls off such a good instrumental.

The title track is the epic conclusion to this great EP. Soaring chorus, combined with gang-shouts at the end equals a great finale.

I recommend this release to anyone who has a favor for Hardcore that resides between Fjort and Modern Life is War and needs a fix of modern Hardcore.

Favorite Tracks:
Dead Youth

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