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Shatter Brain – Pitchfork Justice (Review)

Artist: Shatter Brain
Album: Pitchfork Justice
Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: Australia
Release Date: 1st of May, 2020
Released via Wormhole Death
Cover Artwork © Wormhole Death, 2020

The deal is sealed – the Italian label Wormhole Death just signed with Shatter Brain and in early May they will rush our ears with a fresh new debut album directly from Australasia to Europe.

Remember the first time hearing SepulturaMax Cavaleras voice? You thought of this kind of old school-based groove Thrash Death Metal with that strong leading voice from Brazil – talking about really present themes in a way you never expected to hear again, or you ever wanted something new within that kind of genre? Well look towards Australia, especially a town called Adeleide, South Australia. Some guys were on tour with Max and Iggor Calavera just last year in Japan, they’re called Shatter Brain. You guys might remember them from already having toured with acts such as Power Trip in 2018 and successfully smashed through the USA. Damn good start for a newly formed band! Their debut album will shatter, especially if you like that Sepultura-reminding groove and Power Trip bending Thrash headbanging Metal shit you remember and love.

Well, we know and already heard that kind of Metal. So what is new? Strong like Power Trip, loud as Cavalera, a wild and purely hard genre crossover mix. Sounds attractive, but let’s see what’s behind.

The voice (Tom Santamaria) is present, technically perfect with timed shouts, growls and other techniques that tell me something important – more about that later. Acting harmoniously, both guitarists (Matt Disisto, Jack Hartley), the bassist (Pat Callaghan) and drummer (Ryan Quarringto) follow a direct line, constant changes between powerful riffs and strong grooving (but not too harsh) drums. They are very focused and always accompany the singer to give his statements the strength. If you expect crazy solos and outstanding changes between the talents of the musicians, then don’t be disappointed. Take your time, because it is great entertainment and offers you something useful to think about it.

Pitchfork Justice mixes heavy, old school, constant line-changes of strong technical elements and activates an interior desire to shake your head with this band. They took everything good from their last experiences from the other side of the world and do their job well entertaining and presenting heavy, groovy, thrashy crossover Metal from the  Australian scene. Let’s have an eye on them! With Wormhole Death in the back, there are many capacities for future albums.

Let’s talk about the message.

Shatter Brain might sound old school technically optimized for current tastes. But (!) they’re also discussing a really present topic – “talking in fear”. In times when people have to be strong, focused, attacking the real problems, mostly people follow extreme and emotional influences that conduct them and others out of context. Even politics and leaderships are controlling the herded with speech control. To blind every follower on their way to their own dark destiny – or death. Wow! The first track gives me that incredible deep sense thinking while I’m shattering metal with a machine in a metalworking company in Germany. Those five likeable guys (I would never regret to drink a beer in a bar with them and talk about big issues), sitting nearly below me (if you drilled a hole through the whole earth), reached me and just hit the nail of time! As half Asian / European, I really get this cultural message and feel this gentle aggression in their music. If you want to be influenced in the right way, just start to listen. Especially this band!

Thank you for reading! Keep banging!


8 / 10

Favorite Tracks

“Talk in Fear” – best choice for debut track on this album, already released April 2020, you have to watch it! One of my favs, very nice groovy and heavy elements. The message tells everything.

“Silent Screams” – dude, this is my favorite track, it has everything – brutal, angry, deepful thoughts and damn are they working well together!

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