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Living Gate -Deathlust EP (Recommendation)

Band: Living Gate
Album: Deathlust
Genre: Deathmetal
Country: USA / Belgium
Release date: 12th of June 2020
Released via: Relapse Records
Cover Artwork: © Relapse Records

People take joy out of the strangest things. Some people love the oddest things with all their heart. Just take a look at all the documentaries on various streaming services about tidying up rooms, pimping old cars or commenting on the bed linen in porn movies.

Another source of joy is sports, or to be more precise, the executing of it. Some people are filled with sheer wonder, when a boxing punch is perfectly timed and performed.

Living Gate could be compared to a lumberjack (also a sport). Although one could think, that chipping wood is a simple task, which doesn’t take a lot of training or skill, it takes a whole lot of experience and the right equipment, to do it right.

Living Gate are the next super-group to release music this year (other ones can be found here, here and here. Consisting of 3/4 of Church of Ra members and the last 1/4 is the singer of YOB. You can tell that every member of this group has the experience and skill to make this EP a worthy listen.

Deathlust is Deathmetal done right. Just like the lumberjack they know how to hit the right places with the right speed and of course swiftly executed. In 18 minutes, split in five tracks, you’ll get the clubbing you’d expect from those guys.

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