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Greg Puciato – Child Soldier: Creator of God (Review)

Artist: Greg Puciato
Album: Child Soldier: Creator of God
Genre: Synth-Pop, Metal, Rock
Country: USA
Release Date: 9th of October, 2020
Released via: Federal Prisoner
Cover Artwork: © Federal Prisoner, 2020

With the hiatus of the almighty The Dillinger Escape Plan there was a big hole in my musical landscape. They were one of the very few bands, that could tend towards more “poppy” songs without losing an inch of their credibility.

With the release of the two great The Black Queen albums Greg Puciato showed his Synth-Pop-side. The first album Fever Daydream was my favorite release of 2016.

Now it is just Greg Puciato alone. He played all the instruments on this record except the drums. On this record some very prominent drummers help him out: Chris Pennie (Ex-Dillinger Escape Plan, Ex-Coheed and Cambria), Ben Koller (Converge, Killer be killed et al.) and Cris Hornbrock (Poison the Well).

This album sounds like all the ideas Greg Puciato seemed to have in his head brought onto record. Anything goes is the motto of this record and that’s an awesome thing. “Fire for Water” is a song that would not be out of place on the later Dillinger Escape Plan albums. “Roach Hiss” is a sludgy cacophony guaranteed to bring pleasure to “trained” ears.

Songs like „Fireflies“, „A Pair of Questions“ or „You know I do“ sound like a foreshadow what the next The Black Queen album could sound like. Very electric, soothing and catchy, all at the same time.

Highlights for me are „Evacuation“ and „Do you need me to remind you?“. „Evacuation“ is an Industrial tinged song which would be perfect on a Nine Inch Nails album. „Do you need me to remind you?“ is a sludgy Rock-song with an anthemic chorus.

The record is every second as good as I hoped it would be. One could only guess how the future of The Dillinger Escape Plan had sounded like, if they would be still working together. But for now, this piece of art marks a big highlight in my year and a great step forward for Greg Puciato as an artist.

9 / 10

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