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Nails – Unsilent Death (10th Anniversary Re-Issue)

Band: Nails
Album:Unsilent Death (10 Year Anniversary Re-Issue)
Genre:Hardcore / Metal
Release Date:27th of November, 2020
Released viaSouthern Lord Recordings
Cover Artwork ©Southern Lord Recordings, 2020

I don’t know much about the year 2010 when I try to recall, what I did back then. One thing I remember now, given to this Re-Issue, is, that Nails released their first album Unsilent Death that year.

This album was a true game-changer for my musical taste. I‘ve never heard anything that loud and truly angry before. Sure, there are many bands that sound angry but you hear that this is just a gimmick or a vocal technique. It is hard to explain, where the difference is, but you just feel it. Nails are angry. That is a fact.

10 years after its initial release, Southern Lord Recordings re-releases this album with five additional tracks. Two of them are unreleased songs, that were written during that period and the other three are off the EP Obscene Humanity. Those songs have been remixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Nick Townsend and sound as vicious as they should. The album itself didn’t get a remaster, but in this case it wasn’t necessary. The album production still holds up great to this day.

The two “new” tracks “Enemy” and “Leech” fit perfectly on this album, two short fierce blows to your ears. Obscene Humanity sounds awesome with this new remaster. Those three tracks were a perfect foreshadow of the greatness which was to come.

If you haven’t listened to this album before, this is the best opportunity. Songs like “Unsilent Death“, “I will not follow” or “Suffering Soul” are still on heavy rotation in my playlists. The whole thing is the sound of people having enough of the world and the people we have to endure today.

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