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Belushi Speed Ball – Stella 1 and Stella 2 – Double EP (Recommendation)

Band:Belushi Speed Ball
Album:Stella 1 and Stella 2
Genre:Crossover Thrash Metal
Country:Louisville, USA
Release Date:1st January 2021
Released viasonaBLAST! Records LLC
Cover Artwork ©Belushi Speed Ball, 2021

First of all, I was fully overwelmed looking at this amazing band called Belushi Speed Ball. Hipsterposers, Thrashers, cats, lasers… “what the f…” was like my first thoughts but when this band starts to shredding up, nothing will stand still till they stop playing!

This band is really amazing! Packed up with a full dose of crossover-thrashy- trashlike manner and covered with an outstandish form of humor, Belushi Speed Ball created a masterpiece in their own selfmade thrash category with this double EP.

Their style, humor and their way of making music makes this band so sympathetic and the entertaining- factor is absurdly high. Shreddy riffs, fantastic genre- crossover and overarching transitions are hilarious and technically unbelievable well-pointed!

The case of lacking intros in their songs does not attract the critical attention, finally when you hear their lovely well-created sketches you will not miss (and regret) anything! Listening to that double EP was really fun and distracted me fully from this actual daily lockdown- pandemic- whatever- life.

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