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Butterfly – Doorways of Time (Review)

Band: Butterfly
Album: Doorways of Time
Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Austraila
Release Date: 22nd of June, 2020
Released via High Voltage Records
Cover Artwork © High Voltage Records, 2020

Butterfly from Melbourne, Australia, released Doorways of Time in June 2020 already. However, I think for fans of Old School 70s Rock and Heavy Music it’s definetly worth to get a hint. So a Rock band from Australia, yeah, I know what you think of… AC/DC, but they aren’t too present in Butterfly’s music. As said before, we have 70s Rock and Heavy Music infused by a little NWOBHM. Two guitars, bass and straightforward drums, clear arrangements, nice sound and production. Everything sounds the way it has to, everything is in there, the stuff you need and expect from this kind of music.

In total, Doorways of Time comes along with 9 tracks and 37 minutes of music, including an instrumental outro with the last track “The Scorpion”. “Desert Chase” starts with some feedback noises and a slow bass riff over a straight drum groove. A guitar riff enters with a lovely triller, two guitars, left and right doubling the
powerful riff. During the intro solo, one of the guitars really plays the solo and the doubling stopped. That’s so Oldschool, nearly as Oldschool as the high, clean vocals, doubled as well. “Climbing A Mountain” starts with a feel.good riff with a little Kiss and Thin Lizzy in it. Here, the lead vocals get a little dirty while the high clean vocals work more in the background. Nice.

The title track is the second longest on the album and is going the extra mile with some interesting twists and suprises during the song. You wouldn’t expect that after the first two songs. “The Night Is In its Way” gives me this “House of the Rising Sun” feel. Not the worst reference, I think. “Nobody” sounds some kind of familiar to me as well, with its melancholic refrain. “The Sin” breaks it up and starts with a powerful Rock riff – and “Heavy Metal Highway” – Come on guys? Do I need to say anything? It does exactly what you expect, and that’s good in my opinion.

“Crawling” finishes the album with another long track, going the extra mile, having lots of different parts an ideas in it, where other bands maybe would have done two or three songs. It need to think of some of the longer tracks by Led Zeppelin for example.

All in all I think we have a really great Heavy Rock album here, with a great sound, nice production, full of nice riffs and ideas. Great album for a trip back into better times, some people might say.

8 / 10

Favorite Tracks
“Desert Chase”

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