Grindcore, Hardcore

Borf – Borf (Recommendation)

Band: Borf
Album: Borf
Genre: Hardcore, Grindcore
Country: Portugal
Release Date: 11th of June, 2021
Released via Lower Class Kids Records
Cover Artwork © Lower Class Kids Records

Sometimes you hear band-names and they sort of speak for themselves. When a band has something with “blood”, “murder” or any other word regarding killing / disfiguring or harming other living beings, you know, this ain’t Dua Lipa.

But than there are band-names like Borf. When our fellow blog-writer Nino handed me this release I thought “What is Borf?” Is it some kind of acronym or slang? Asking the internet what is „Borf“ I only stumbled over a graffti campaign in Washington in between 2004 and 2005 or the fact that „Borf“ was a male werewolf offspring of the Forbidden Forest wolf pack (something with Harry Potter…). After giving this record some spins I can say, Borf is onomatopoeia. Borf is the sound of a stranded whale exploding: loud and hideous (in a positive way).

Carseats” sets you on wrong tracks with its electronic beats before all hell breaks loose with “State“. This status of aural hell won’t stop until the end of the EP. Six tracks of Hardcore / Grindcore onslaught that pounds you into dust (to cite Cannibal Corpse here).

Borf beat you relentlessly. The only difference in the beating is: is it fast or very fast? This band is surely a no-brainer when it comes to live-performances. 7 tracks clocking in around 12 minutes, this is as Hardcore / Grindcore as it can get. Portuguese punishment as harsh as you need it.

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