Crust Punk, Grindcore, Hardcore

Feral – Spiritual Void (Recommendation)

Band: Feral
Album: Spiritual Void
Genre: Crust / Grind /Hardcore
Country: France
Release Date: 21st of January, 2022
Released via: Source Atone Records
Cover Artwork: © Source Atone Records

Man, I miss bands like Trap Them so much. Uptempo, D-Beat, Crust, everything mangled into 2 minutes of aural assault. Every song an invitation to disconnect from boundaries of civilization.

Spiritual Void is the second album by the French Crust-something-band Feral. The band crafted a very good album that also helps you to disconnect from good manners.

After the short intro “Solitude” “Watchdogs” kicks in the door and the album stays in your house until it is totally wrecked. Tools of destruction are fast, shredding songs with occasional mosh-parts and vocals whose only purpose is to push the listener to the brink.

Most of the songs clock in around the 3 minute-mark (the intro “Solitude” and the outro “Isolation” not counted), the two songs breaking that barrier are “Eyes Painted on the Cross” and the album closer “Pools of Blood“.

Eyes Painted on the Cross” is like a massive rock rolling down a hill: slow at the beginning but once it has taken speed and force, it will crush you. “Pools of Blood” is the final push over the cliff before “Isolation” leaves the listener floored by the velocity experienced.

Spiritual Void is a great start to the year 2022. Things are still pretty downhill and this album delivers the soundtrack to that.

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