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Sumerian Tombs – As Sumer Thrones at Night (Review)

Band:Sumerian Tombs
(Upcoming) Album:As Sumer Thrones at Night
Genre:Black Metal
Release Date:1st of December, 2021
Released viaHelhallen
Cover Artwork ©Sumerian Tombs, 2021

Distant and hollow noises arise from the sepulchres amidst the kingdom between Euphrates and Tigris. Mesopotamian spirits continue to haunt you, even years after the fall of its designated realm. Better prepare yourself in order to face what emanates from the remains of these burial sites. From the depths of these sanctuaries, Black Metal outfit Sumerian Tombs emerges from the necropolis of Western Germany. With their first demo As Sumer Thrones at Night, this four-member combo consisting of C, K, M and W – accompanied by Astrega (Schwermut, Babylon Asleep) as session drummer – deliver straightforward vampyric Black Metal that should be on your scope for this year.

After the short intro track “When Deathbells Toll Over Us,” the first track “Blood Gods Rise to Power” instantly showcases what you’re in for on this demo. Vigorous, raw and fast Black Metal heats up the situation that immediately convinces with fast lead melodies. These also mark one of the best aspects on As Sumer Thrones at Night, since they are executed and placed in the mix so damn well. Although it gets clear that melodic riffs are all over this track, it does not convey the atmosphere of Post-Black Metal soundscapes (no offense) – it still remains at the perfect spot of raw Black Metal production. The immense speed at which the guitars are played above the set transforms mere “melodic” parts into searing melodies that cut through the entire soundscape. Nevertheless, shorter sequences remain at which those melodies also slighlty transform into epic offerings – that are then cut down immediately after again. Drastically vitriolic vocals add up to the entire sound that is pushed by drums that oscillate between blast beats and mid-tempo parts. The sheer speed that remains uphold on the entire track makes you ask for more even before this demo even finishes.

The second and demo-titled track “As Sumer Thrones at Night” doesn’t follow the pattern of the track before but changes the Black Metal atmosphere that is played – now leaving more space for melodies to breathe. The slower pace at which this track opens up immediately triggers associations with bleak Depressive Suicidal Black Metal tone that convinces giving rise to dismal lead melodies. After opening up, raw Black Metal crushes back in that constantly upholds the aforementioned melodies, differing from the first track in the way they impact the entire track, though. This time, the lead guitar does not thrust piercing melodies at you but more epic melodies find presence that construct an absolutely staggering atmosphere.

There is a lot to find on this demo, especially the variety that can be unfolded with two tracks alone shows you that you’d better watch out for the upcoming Sumerian Tombs full-length that is going to be released at the beginning of 2022 via Ván Records. So far, it is possible to get your hands on this demo on tape via Helhallen, the first press is sold out already, but the second press is still available, so better be quick!

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