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The Sun’s Journey Through The Night releases new single “The Black Pyramid” (News)

The cult black metal band is back with a brand new single “The Black Pyramid”. The Sun’s Journey Through The Night has exploded onto the UK black metal scene, boasting 1000s of sold out records and a debut sold out show in London this spring with Lamp of Murmuur, which sold out in under an hour.

You know what is also awesome, besides being cloaked in darkness? All profits from the digital and cassette will be donated to Birmingham Children’s Hospital charity.⁠ You can leave your money at this location.

The Sun’s Journey Through The Night is the raw, chaotic and cathartic creation of the sole entity which dwells in anonymity beneath its mask. “No One” has been burning his unique stamp on to British black metal for only a short time, but has fast become an anti-hero of the underground black metal scene. Blending raw and unnerving black metal with hypnotic melody and ambience, The Sun’s Journey Through The Night strays from the black metal blueprint to create something that is scorchingly fast, filled with cosmic darkness and relentless rage and also crushingly heavy and melancholic. The droning ambience that bridges the gap between these sonic signatures of the project, draws you in, and shows No One’s influences from artists such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Winterblood and Russian Circles. As the music of the project evolves, shifts and changes, as does the name and form of its creator, reinventing himself time and time again to align himself closer with the music and the art that he creates.

A new album is already in the works and is expected to see the light of night at the end of the year via Church Road Records.

Listen to the new single “The black Pyramid” right here:

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